Hands For Living_ Is your pain caused by tendonitis?

Shoulder, Arm, Wrist or HandPain... Is it Tendonitis?

Theshoulder isan incredible joint inyourbodythathastomove through a large range of motion while maintaining strength. The position ofyour shoulder acts as an anchor foryour elbow and even hands as you do everyday tasks such as writing, typing and other activities. The shoulder is made up of the shoulder blade (scapula), humerus and collar bones. The function of your shoulder is very dependent on your posture, so if you are in a slouched positionmost of the dayat a desk, thenyour elbows, wrists and handshavetooverworkdoingnormaltasks,whichcausespain. It’s What You Don’t Do… If you sit frequently at a computer, watch TV or find yourself being less active,your shoulder ligaments will tighten up over time. However, even if you are an active person, but don’t stretch, this can also tighten the ligaments. Ultimately, your shoulders and upper back have to be flexible on a daily basis for your body to function normally and be in good posture. When the ligaments around the shoulder joints tighten, you lose normal range of motion in your shoulders. This in turn increases the effort needed by the elbows, wrists and hands to pick up objects, use the computer and the manyother tasks you do daily. Furthermore, when your arms are not moving correctly, it pulls on your muscles and tendons.This constant yanking causes inflammation and irritation to your tendons, causing tendonitis.

Finding The Cause… Finding the true cause of your shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand pain is always our top priority. It is only then, that a good therapytreatment programcan be put together targeting these problem areas. Our advanced hands-on therapy and specific exercises dramatically improve your shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand mobility, decreasing pain and inflammation quickly. Our experts at Hands For Living help you achieve fast pain relief and make your results last. Furthermore, we empower you with the knowledge of how to prevent re-injury and take care of yourself. Don’t delay and call us today to find out how we can help you!


Helps With Pain


Place your hand on a small foldedtowelontopofatable and gently wipe the table in anarc side toside. Keepyour elbowbyyour side the entire time.

Why Choose Hands For Living?

• Expert, caring, and cost-effective evaluation of your injury or concern. • Information about what has happened and what can be done to help. • Specialized exercises and instructions to complete between sessions. • Comfortable and precise customorthoses (splints), if needed, to protect your elbow, wrist, or hand or improve motion. • Care of wounds, scars, swelling, and injuries to tendon, nerve, bone, muscle or soft tissue. • Practical ergonomic instructions to prevent injuries.

Always consultyour therapistorphysicianbefore startingexercisesyouareunsureofdoing.



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