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Is Stress THe Source Of Your Neck Pain?

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Is Stress The Source Of Your Neck Pain?

Doesyourneck hurt?You might be suffering from stress-related pain — also called a tension headache. During anxiety, muscles tense up. As muscle tension tightens, the back, shoulders and neck are affected. The more pressure theycause, the more discomfortyou get. Let’s take

factors— low, but constant, trapezius muscle activity. If your neck pain starts at the base of your shoulders, traveling upward, it may be stress related. Causes of Stress-Related Neck Pain While stress alone can trigger neck pain, a few factors can make it worse. Office environments tend to create neck pain problems — as they confine people to chairs, bad posture and little mobility. Driving often, too, can make your chances of stress-related neck pain higher. TheU.S.NationalLibraryofMedicinesuggestscontactingaprofessional ifyou’reexperiencingneckpain.Even if it’scausedbystress,untreated neck painmight laterreveal muscle spasms, arthritis, bulging discs or even narrowed spinal nerve openings. Call Courcier Clinic at 405.478.5333 to schedule your appointment today!

a closer look at stress-related neck pain. Is My Neck Pain Caused by Stress?

Pain worsened by keeping your head in one place — like when you’re driving, or using a computer — is neck pain. While neck pain has a slewof symptoms, its majorsymptoms, reported byMayo Clinic, are: • Muscle tightness and spasms • Headaches • Decreased ability to move the head Stress-induced neck pain isn’t rare. It also isn’t psychological. Many experts think stress-induced neck pain is caused by physical

How Physical Therapy Can Help Your Neck Pain Neck pain, fortunately, can be alleviatedwith physical therapy. Because neck pain is often caused by activity, different activity can cure it. Sometimes, this “activity” means “no activity.” Before you contact a professional, try reducing your neck movements. Sometimes, simply letting your neck muscles relax is enough.

by stress, it still needs attention. We’ll work side by side with your goals, creating the proactive, effective programs you need to achieve mobility once more.

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Ifyou don’t see reliefwithin twoweeks, contact a professional. Physical therapists can target your pain’s source by examining yoursymptoms. Then, they can offer exercises that stretch, flex and relax your neck muscles. In time, your neck will become more resilient — giving you the comfort you deserve. Where after-care treatment is considered, custom-tailored neck exercises will assure your neck stays loose, limber and healthy. If you’re dealing with neck pain, you’re not alone. Call our office today, and schedule an assessment. Even if your neck pain is caused


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CHIN TUCK SUPINE Liewithrollunderneck.Without liftinghead, tuckchingently.Keep the large muscles in the neck relaxed.

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What Is Dry Needling

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“They have kept me aligned and independent for years!” “This family-owned and operated clinic has been a godsend to me. The care and compassion of all the employees is something I experience everytime Ivisit andhavenot foundanywhereelse.Theyhavekeptme alignedand independentforyearswiththeirexpertise and many modalities of treatment. I recommend them to everyone in pain and physical restriction. This is a great Physical Therapy clinic and great post-op care, too.” - Teresa B. Patient Success Story resolve pain and muscle tension, and will promote healing. Although similarto ChineseAcupuncture, dry needling is a medical treatment formyofascial pain syndromes and dysfunction rather than pathological conditions. In addition to relieving neck pain and stress, it is also valuable in treating other conditions like headaches, chronic pain, and decreased mobility. To learn more about how dry needling can help you, contact your physical therapist at Courcier Clinic at 405.478.5333.

What causes carpal tunnel? Find out how physical therapy is a valuable pain relief solution with carpal tunnel.

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Dry Needling is a form of therapy that is designed to alleviate symptoms from Trigger Points or muscle spasms. It involves inserting a tinymonofilament needle in muscles in order to release shortened bands of muscles and decrease trigger point activity. This can help

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Healthy Recipe Miracle Red Juice

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• 6 celerystalks • 2 limes or lemons • 2 inches ofGinger

• Immunity • Eyes • Liver

• Spleen • Kidneys • Pancreas

• DigestiveTract

Preparebeets,carrots,apples,celery, limes(orlemons)andgingerbychoppingintosmallerpiecesbefore placing intoa juicer.Astheskinofabeet ispackedwithantioxidantsandnutrients, it isrecommended to leave the skin on the beet. Beet skin and lemon peel (if using) have strong flavors, soyou could also preparehalfwithskinandhalfpeeledtoadjusttotheflavor,orsimplypeelall ifpreferred.Applescan beanycolororvariety.Donotpeeltheginger,whichyouwilladdtotasteasgingercanbespicy.After all ingredientsareaddedtothe juicer,blenduntil juicedandsmooth.Drink juiceassoonaspossibleto obtainallbenefitsoftheantioxidantsandnutrients.MiracleRed Juicecanbeabsorbedmoreeasilyon an emptystomach. Drink one glass everyotherdayoras needed.

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