GAME CHANGERS For business owners looking to scale their companies and for investors looking to get more deals done, delegating is key. Ryan Pineda quickly learned he couldn’t do it all when he was flipping a triple-digit amount of homes in a year. He recalls his first two hires: “The first person I hired was a project manager to deal with contractors. That was a game changer because it allowed me to get more deals, which is what I do well,” Pineda said. “The second person I hired was my sister. She became my assistant and handled all the paperwork and insurance. She is much better at the stuff I dislike!” Pineda removed himself from management tasks because he realized that was not the best seat for him; in turn, his business boomed because he chose to step back from managing and step up to acquiring deals. Now, Pineda has dozens of people to whom he delegated roles while he can focus on finding deals. Pineda owns four companies: his flipping business called; his brokerage company called Forever Home Realty; his accounting company called TrueBooks CPA; and his education platform called Future Flipper.

But, 2019 brought a slower market and some personal adversities, which led to a temporary setback. Although, he still flipped 100 homes! Pineda welcomed the challenge of navigating through the cold Las Vegas market and breaking through that ceiling. He learned that “success doesn’t reveal as much as failure.” “In 2019, I truly failed at real estate. A good market hides mistakes,” Pineda said. “I had to practice self- awareness and assess my inefficiencies. I learned plenty about failure in baseball. If a baseball player fails seven out of 10 times, they’re an all-star. But that’s not the case with real estate. You cannot hold on to failure. Every day is a process.” Pineda said he practices continual self-assessment and keeps striving for improvement, methods essential for an influencer. And because he gets so many of his leads and clients through social media, Pineda is, in fact, an influencer. “My message is all about balance,” he said.

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