ACALL FOR COACHING As a professional baseball player, Ryan Pineda is no stranger to coaching. He’d been coached nearly his whole life. But when he transitioned to real estate investing, he thought he could

learn the business on his own. “I actually paid for coaches in

baseball, and they helped me improve. But I didn’t realize at first that I needed coaching in real estate. Finally, it clicked for me that if you have the right person, it pays off,” he said. In 2018, he decided to invest in himself as a real estate investor. He signed up for courses and seminars and had his best year ever. The next year was a setback, however. “In 2019 I stepped backed. I got away from investing in myself through real estate education,” he said. “I wasn’t focused due to family issues but also due to not having coaching. And it showed in business.” This year, he joined a mastermind and invested in his business with both in time and money. “I invested $45,000 in a month and earned it back within 60 days. I am a huge believer in paying for coaching if it fits your core values,” Pineda said. He suggests checking out social media for transparency, which will help ensure the coach’s credibility. Now, Pineda is coaching other real estate investors and has students nationwide, most of which find him through social media. “I do the group coaching style. We have weekly calls and meetups. It is rewarding to see others gain success, but it is also a profitable business,” he said.

26 | think realty magazine :: may 2020

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