Sioli Alexander Pino Attorneys at Law December 2018

Recipients Frank J. Sioli, Esq. and Vanessa Vasquez de Lara, Esq.

Growth Throughout 2018 Looking Into Our Firm’s Future

We at Sioli Alexander Pino started 2018 feeling as though we were still digging ourselves out from Hurricane Irma ... However, as we recovered from the stormduring the early months of this year, we were fortunate to experience significant growth. In February 2018, we moved into a larger office, allowing us to increase the size of our team to better serve our clients. Over the years, we’ve grown into a full-service boutique law firm, focusing on building long-lasting relationships with our clients. In support of our attorneys, we have a hardworking, knowledgeable staff. Their dedicated time and energy and focus on the behind-the-scenes details contributes to delivering a “wow” experience. As a firm, we take a personal interest in our clients and each of their cases. Our attorneys are very proactive in defense of our clients’ claims and are responsive to our clients’ requests. We are a firm that backs up our talk with consistent action — we get things done, and we do it right. One of the initial hurdles we faced in our growth is the size fromwhich we started: just our three original partners. When we immediately began approaching large companies as a three-attorney law firm claiming to provide better representation than bigger firms, it was a little daunting, as the benefits may not have been as clear to the naked eye. While some were skeptical, we didn’t let that deter us. If anything, it steeled our resolve to succeed and highlighted our advantages. For example, as a boutique-size firm, we easily and swiftly identify and adapt to legal trends, and are able to implement cutting-edge strategies and technologies to obtain the best results. We also have the advantage of our name partners’ involvement in virtually all of our cases. But ultimately, one of the keys to our success includes the awareness that every company, large or small, is made up of people just like us — people who you have to understand and connect with in order to be effective. Our firmmay have originally been small, but we at first understood, and still do today, the importance of personal connections.

Alexander Pino is committed to continuing to give all of our clients the same top-of-the-line service they’ve come to expect. For the past several months, we’ve started planning an office space expansion that will be completed in early 2019. This new office space will help us sustain the continued growth of the firm. As I watch the firm grow, I couldn’t be happier. Like many businesses, we have our fair share of busy and hectic days, but it’s clear everyone here enjoys the atmosphere. One thing I like is that practically every other morning someone from the firm blasts an email that they brought in something tasty for the whole firm to enjoy for a morning or afternoon treat. I think it’s amazing that people can come to work at a place like this, where there’s a great environment and they can feel appreciated for their dedication. We couldn’t have become the successful firmwe are today without every one of our teammembers. I also believe that our growth positively affects other businesses and individuals. Our firm can serve as an example for anyone who wants to undertake a new challenge. Seeing someone make that risky jump and not only survive, but also thrive, encourages others to think, “Hey, I’m not stuck in my situation. I can do this.” Whether it’s founding their own law firm or business or blazing a new path in their existing company, hearing someone’s success story has the power to give anyone the courage to overcome, accomplish, and flourish. acknowledged as the Fourth-Fastest-Growing Law Firm in the United States. The firm is humbled to have received this recognition, as we were in the company of some outstanding competition. I want to take a moment and express gratitude to our amazing clients and teammembers who have accompanied us on this journey. Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support, along with all the blessings for a safe and Happy Holiday Season and Prosperous New Year! In October 2018, we attended the Law Firm 500 Conference and Awards. There, we were

December 2018 Edition

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This coming New Year, we expect to continue to grow as a firm and a team, and everyone at Sioli

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