Board Converting News, February 15, 2021

SUPPLIER REPORTS 2021 (PART 3) AMERICAN CORRUGATED MACHINERY Indian Trail, North Carolina: Patrick Szany reports, “2020 appeared to be another year of growth and challenges

later this year. SECO uses name brand components for all electrical and mechanical parts. The customer selects their preferred OEM from a ‘Machine Check List,’ every- thing from anilox rolls to glue systems. Please contact us for more information on the quality, and cost effectiveness of these machines. “ACM sold six Torosian Tech Post Gluers in 2020. These machines are capable of running Straight Line, Lock Bot- tom, and Tray Configurations. Machines can be ordered in various conditions from ‘good running’ to ‘totally rebuilt’ with a one-year warranty. “ACM had great success selling the RJE Magellan line of Box Makers in 2020, with continued success coming into 2021. There are two models: the LD (non tri-wall), and the tri-wall capable HD. These machines are ideal for short run, large boxes. The machine sets up in two minutes and can be operated by a single employee. Die cutting and 2-color printings are available features for this machine. The Magellan has filled a niche for companies looking to capitalize on short run, quick turnaround opportunities. Please call us for specifications, video, and a quote. “ACM had great success in 2020, with our newest prod- uct line Engineered Recycling Systems. These Recycling

for the corrugated industry. The un- certainties of new government reg- ulations caused many customers to look for ways to reduce labor costs. This led to an increase in demand for power conveyor, pre-feeders, load formers, and other items to reduce the head count. This trend is sure to

Pat Szany

continue well into 2021. “An industry leader since 1985, American Corrugated Machine specializes in new and used equipment, expert ASA appraisals, plant layouts, and startups. At ACM, we understand that market conditions constantly change, as do the opportunities. We can provide up to date informa- tion, a large selection of new and used machinery, and professional advice to help handle all of your machinery needs. “In 2020, ACM installed a SECO 66-inch by 198-inch Jumbo 2/C Flexo Folder Gluer with Die Cutting. The ma- chine is running with high productivity. We also sold two SECO 924 Mid-Sized Flexo Folder Gluers to be delivered


Do you need printed sheets? We have your answer.. Introducing Heartland’s ColorCorr. This is “flexo-printing in the round”. On our corrugator we can print up to 109” wide. The advantage is that we can print the equivalent of ½ roll at a time and not be required to keep several rolls of very expensive preprinted paper on the floor. Much less waste and risk. In continual print mode, we use either laser-engraved rubber rolls or solid rubber rolls to print a “flood coat” or a repeating pattern. If we are printing a repeating pattern, we can run a two-color design on the paper. Customers have found that running sheets we print can allow them to run a lighter-grade due to reduced caliper loss, and in some cases eliminate one or more machine passes.

For more information contact: Charlie Freeman | 816-500-8889 | Tim Kramer | 816-841-8317 |


February 15, 2021

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