Board Converting News, February 15, 2021

Supplier Reports, Part 3 (CONT’D FROM PAGE 28)

doctor blade units with our 100 percent carbon fiber sin- gle-blade or dual-blade chambers with lighter weight and no corrosion. To ensure minimal board crush in the feed section, our rollers can be supplied with ‘visual wear grids’ that let the operators know when it’s time to change the roller. ARC International supplies a complete line of clean- ing products for the corrugator and flexographic machines to make certain that rollers are properly maintained. “For folding carton and flexible packaging equipment, ARC offers anilox sleeves with standard fiberglass inner layers, as well as premium carbon fiber inner layers that provide added stability. These lightweight anilox sleeves are easier to ship, handle and install than traditional anilox rollers with steel construction and integral journals.” Call (800) 526-4569. Visit . EQUIPMENT FINANCE CORPORATION Atlanta, Georgia: Ed Gargiulo reports, “2020 surely was an interesting year for all of us! At Equipment Finance Corporation, the beginning of 2020 was extremely busy as we continued to serve the needs of our clients with long term, fixed rate financing for new and used Corrugated and Paper Converting machinery. Once government offi- cials in certain states reacted (or as some have suggested, Ed Gargiulo

base through phone calls and virtual meetings. Thanks to the commitment of our inside sales/service and tech- nical support personnel, our customers haven’t missed a beat! When travel restrictions were lifted and plants began allowing visitors for essential service, our technicians re- turned to the field on an ‘as needed basis,’ for roller audits, equipment installation, etc., practicing each plant’s social distancing policies. “While we’ve always known that service is a critical element of our business, we’ve realized in the last year that it is the MOST critical. Thus, moving forward, we will build our routine trips around the technical services that we can provide on-site at our customers’ manufacturing facilities, as well as invest in the latest equipment technol- ogy and workforce within our own facilities to ensure that the greatest efficiencies are achieved! “For the corrugated industry, our cladded stainless-steel glue rollers continue to set the standard for the most effi- cient application and extended life. Whether they are sup- plied with a matte finish, quadrangular engraving or our own hexagonal Starch Saver tooling, these rollers come with a 5-year guarantee against corrosion or delamination. Produced with the latest fiber optic technology, our Op- ticell 60-degree and HV 70-degree extended cell anilox rollers continue to deliver excellent ink transfer. Many of our customers have replaced their corroded aluminum



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February 15, 2021

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