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tions plus financial flexibility not available through other banks and lenders. We can fund of up to 100 percent of machinery project costs including site prep, electrical, etc. The same 100 percent financing is available for used equipment projects with terms of up to eight years. Early prepayment, annual additional paydown and loan term ad- justments are just some of the options we can include to provide maximum financial flexibility. Therefore, you can have low payments without locking yourself into a long term commitment. “We also offer programs to refinance existing floating or higher fixed rate debt. Unlike bank lenders, our finan- cial terms and structures are set based on the parameters which best serve the needs of each individual borrower, not a regulatory agency. We do not burden clients with blanket asset liens, restrictive loan covenants and person- al guarantees as are typically required by banks and oth- er lenders. We recognize that and provide lending terms which you deserve based on your financial strength and time in business, not as dictated by bank regulators.” Call (770) 714-0662. Email HarperLove Charlotte, North Carolina: Gates Gravely reports: “The year 2020 was one which brought extraordinary challeng- es. HarperLove responded by supporting our customers through in-person service calls as well as through remote CONTINUED ON PAGE 34

over-reacted) to the Covid virus, we transitioned to pro- viding payment moratoriums to those of our customers who were adversely impacted by the shutdown of their customers’ and clients’ operations. “Fortunately, the adverse impact of Covid on the cor- rugated industry was short-lived. The industry grew ex- ceptionally well during the second half of 2020, and we continued to provide long term fixed rate funding for equipment acquisitions required to keep pace with in- creased demand. “The events of 2020 look to have accelerated the on- line shipping trend we have seen developing for several years. It is clear that for durable goods, the days of large brick and mortar stores with substantial inventory on-site will soon be a thing of the past dictating that rising de- mand for corrugated shipping containers will continue. Increasing demand comes at the same time as another major 2020 lesson has been learned. The labor problem. Hopefully, your employees have been and continue to be healthy, but we all experienced sometimes significant la- bor force interruptions during this past year. “This reinforces the requirement for continued invest- ment new efficient, high speed equipment with reduced manning requirements. Although the initial cost of new equipment continues to rise, Equipment Finance offers qualified clients with 7, 8, 10, 12 & 15 year loan amortiza-

Mark Neely Training and Consulting Services Over 20 years experience delivering Sales & Negotiation Training to the Corrugated Industry

Training Topics Include: • Prospecting • Trust Building and Differentiation • Sales Process Accountability • Negotiating Skills

Consulting Services Include: • Outsourced Sales Management • Building Cooperative and

Collaborative Teams • On-boarding of New Sales Reps 310-346-5476


February 15, 2021

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