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9362 W. Overland Rd., Boise, Idaho 83709 August 2017

“All of a sudden, I was perfectly at

ease. My heart rate dropped back to its normal level, and I knew intrinsically that everything would work out.”

Even during the transition process, there were plenty of moments when I realized what a magical place Boise was. I went down to San Jose for Thanksgiving in ’99 to visit Michelle’s family. Running a little late, I feared that I wouldn’t make my flight because of airport security. Well, as any of you who have traveled out of BOI know, that’s not an issue here. Compared to California airports, it felt I walked right up to the plane. The real moment that cemented how much I love it here wasn’t quite so obvious. One day, as I drove down Warm Springs, I passed a home for children. I cannot say exactly why, but something about seeing that made me realize that this is where I belong. I’ll never forget that moment. All of a sudden, I was perfectly at ease. My heart rate dropped back to its normal level, and I knew intrinsically that everything would work out. These days, Boise is our home, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. From those small beginnings, we’ve planted real roots here. I am lucky enough to serve an incredible community of patients and work with doctors that I would do anything for. We’re fortunate to be here and never take this wonderful city for granted.

FAITH, NOT FEAR Planting Roots in Boise

fitness center on Overland. I visited other physical therapy offices in the area, and enjoyed meeting, and talking with some of Boise’s fine therapists, and other health care professionals. I was excited about working in such a vibrant and active community, and offering my services as an orthopaedic and sports injury physical therapy specialist. By November, I had an office, but patients didn’t really know about me, and my calendar was far from packed. Also, I wasn’t used to cold winters. When people would call the office, I would answer by saying “Ice Station Zebra,” the name of an Arctic base in an old spy movie. Little jokes like these helped me get over some homesickness.

When my family arrived in Boise in May of 1999, I would describe my outlook as one of faithful trepidation. I never doubted that we made the right move for our family, but getting a practice going was a stressful process. I didn’t know anybody — no doctors, no patients, and no friends. I sometimes joke that my heart rate never dropped below 90 for the first year, as I worked day and night to establish myself in the area. The first few months after we moved, I was still in the process of selling my practice in San Diego. When I wasn’t taking phone calls regarding the sale, I drove the streets of the Treasure Valley looking for a future home for Advance Physical Therapy. I inquired about every promising location, from practices in Eagle to a defunct karate studio next to a

Al Jones , PT, OCS, Cert. MDT

Advance: To move forward; to make progress; to move ahead. • 1

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