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WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK January 2020

Celebrating a Successful 2019 and Feeling Determined for 2020

W elcome to the new decade! As we celebrate the beginning of another year, I want to thank all of you for trusting our firm to help you find relief in such a trying time in your life. Serving you and your family has been a privilege for our team, and we will always be honored to have your back. I can’t help but be in awe when I think back on the past 10 years. When our firm first began, it was just me and two support staff members managing our caseload. In the past decade, we

As a result of this hire and our continued dedication, we have made significant recoveries for clients this past year. We have had the opportunity to participate in various appellate cases, and we continue to hold insurance companies responsible at all levels of the law. I’m even proud to announce that this has been a record year for our team in securing verdicts and resolutions that give our clients the peace of mind they need and deserve. As we head into this new year, our team is excited about the opportunities we have for continued growth and dedication to our community. We have goals to invite more summer interns to clerk for us while they are in school, with the hope that they can be trained properly by our team and become valuable members of our staff. by corporations, and we believe the victims impacted by this greed and damage deserve proper compensation. We hope our expertise and decades of experience helping clients receive compensation from greedy insurance companies can also be used to help those facing distress and pain from corporate corruption. Finally, we’re also excited to announce that we are expanding into Bluffton, Ridgeland, and Hardeeville, South Carolina. We’re looking forward to not only hiring more staff to accommodate new clients but also to serve these communities. Regardless of how we continue to grow, Schiller & Hamilton Law Firm will always be proud to support and serve our South Carolina communities. Thank you for putting your faith in our firm. We were proud to serve you in 2019, and we will have your back in 2020. We will also continue our venture into mass tort cases. These are situations of mass negligence

have grown into multiple office spaces across South Carolina, and we now support 16 team members. I’m proud of the team we have assembled. I know that every client who seeks guidance from our team — regardless of which office the client goes to — will receive the kind of attention and care that we would give our own families.

I’m honored to feel like the patriarch of this firm, and I’ve really enjoyed watching and

mentoring my team as they grew personally and professionally. My partner, Joel, has been practicing for the past 10 years now, in addition to the years he spent before that working for me as a runner and legal assistant. I’ve even watched employees grow from high school through college and into secure management positions. I now watch them lead teams and am proud of how far they have come while still maintaining our firm’s philosophies and goals. In the past year alone, we have remained dedicated to our promise to clients. In 2019, we hired an employee who specifically manages client processes. She ensures each case is moving along at an appropriate speed and is available for clients who may have concerns at any step in the process. She makes sure our attorneys are doing their jobs.

803.366.0333 197 S Herlong Avenue Rock Hill, SC 29732 843.379.5006 78 Sams Point Road Beaufort, SC 29907 803.285.2900 302 N Main St. c Lancaster, SC 29720 843.341.9418 16 William Pope Drive Suites 101 & 103 Bluffton, SC 29909

Happy New Year!

–Bennett Schiller



With Simple and Actionable Goals HELP YOUR KIDS ACHIEV

Practice what you preach.

With every new year comes an opportunity to reinvent ourselves or start down a new

You are your children’s role model for almost everything, including following through on New Year’s resolutions. So, ask yourself if you follow through on your own resolutions. When you proclaim that you will read more books or finally get a gym membership, do you actually try to do it? Your kids will assign as much importance to New Year’s resolutions as you do, so by sticking to your own commitments, you can help them stay on track too.

path toward self- improvement. Making resolutions is a big part of many families’ New Year’s

Keep things simple and achievable.

traditions, and parents often have a desire for their kids to take part in that tradition when they’re old enough. Following through on resolutions is tough, especially for young children, but with your help, they can achieve their goals.

When your kids are forming their resolutions, their first attempts will probably be very broad. Statements like “I want to be more kind” or “I will try to help more around the house” incorporate good values but don’t


Is Johnson & Johnson Liable?

Johnson & Johnson products have been revered as household staples for decades, especially for children. But despite their raw talc and finished powders testing positive for asbestos, Johnson & Johnson has remained a legally manipulative company for over 40 years. Documents from 1974 reveal that Johnson & Johnson’s executives, doctors, and lawyers were fully aware that their baby powder could cause ovarian cancer, but they failed to warn consumers of the health risks. This was and continues to be a deliberate betrayal of the consumer. There are several baby powders that feature a warning, including brands from Walmart and Dollar Tree; however, Johnson & Johnson’s products do not. Thousands of lawsuits are opening against the corporation — and for good reason. There’s just too much evidence to suggest that they hadn’t simply “forgotten” a warning label. One piece of evidence comes from the Cosmetic Industry Review (CIR). The CIR is a group that studies “individual chemical compounds” and works closely with the FDA, cosmetics industry, and consumers to ensure safe products. Two individuals from CIR accepted payments from Johnson & Johnson “for speeches and other engagements.” The former CIR director, Alan Andersen, a defense witness, was forced to admit the financial relationship between the CIR and Johnson & Johnson, which has strengthened the defenses’ cases. But one of the strongest pieces of evidence came from defense witness Dr. Douglas Weed, a senior Johnson & Johnson epidemiologist. In a North Carolina trial, plaintiffs’ attorneys were able to prove the doctor had lied under oath about whether he retained notes to his expert report. Allen Smith, a plaintiff attorney who tried five of these trials in Missouri, remarks, “This was new evidence that proved very compelling to the jury as well as a reflection of J&J’s willingness to manipulate the trial process in their favor.” This evidence doesn’t just benefit past cases, but future lawsuits as well. If you or a loved one is suffering from ovarian cancer, we can evaluate your case. It doesn’t cost you anything to see if we can help, but it could cost you everything if you don’t. Learn more by calling 1.850.436.6304. We’ve got your back.





Y our entire world is thrown into chaos after you get into an accident. On top of healing from injuries, you may be facing pressure from insurance companies, mounting medical bills, and stress over missed time at work. The expectations can feel like too much, but there are important steps we can help you take to get you back to your normal life. Your first step after a collision should always be protecting your well-being. Call emergency services and seek medical attention for any injuries you may have sustained during the accident. Only once you have ensured that you are safe and healthy — or on your way to healing — should you think about the next steps. Next, seek help from a qualified attorney. We always tell potential clients that it will never cost you anything to have a conversation with us about your case, but it could cost you everything if you don’t. We can prepare you for the onslaught that may be coming from insurance adjusters and collect any files, reports, and pertinent documents. In addition, we can give you our best assessment of the next steps you should take. We are also dedicated to working with clients to file property damage claims. Your vehicle is your lifeline, and when that vehicle is out of commission, for some clients, it can mean the difference between a regular paying job and unemployment. Our team will go to the trouble to ensure the settlements and repairs on your vehicle’s damage are done properly and swiftly. If necessary, we will work with agencies to provide you with a rental car. Our team will make sure your family is taken care of. Our main goal at Schiller & Hamilton Law Firm is to get you and your family back on your feet. Some clients can manage and afford a long legal process, whereas others may require a quick resolution that gets them back to life sooner rather than later. We can work with you to determine what steps need to be taken to get the justice you deserve on your own timeline. You are not alone after a vehicle accident. Let us help you navigate the chaos. Call Schiller & Hamilton Law Firm at 1.855.973.7206 to get started today. We’ve got your back.


include any actionable steps. Help your kids think of tangible ways to act on those goals. For example, if they want to be tidier, a good resolution might be for them to clean their room once a week or take responsibility for one household chore every day.

Don’t do all the work for them.

While it’s important for you to help your kids formulate their goals, be sure that you aren’t taking over. If they’re ultimately responsible for their resolutions, they’ll feel more compelled to keep them. Instead, suggest different goal areas they could improve, such as home, school, or sports, and let them elaborate. When it comes to creating habits, nobody is perfect, so even if your kids falter on their goals in the middle of February, don’t worry. The important thing is that you continue to encourage them every step of the way.








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Helping Your Kids Make New Year’s Resolutions

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Enter 2020 With an Organized Computer


Tips for National Clean Up Your Computer Month

Everyone relies on technology. Computers, laptops, tablets, and phones are staples of modern life. However, it’s easy for these devices to become cluttered with old photos, files, and general disorganization. Luckily, January is National Clean Up Your Computer Month and an excellent time to get your technology in order. Over time, computer towers can become clogged with dust, which creates additional, unwanted heat within your computer. Regular cleanings will increase the lifespan of your computer and protect its essential components. Compressed air is great for removing most of the dust and other particulates. If the fans or filters are too dirty, you can remove them from the tower to clean them better. If you use water or liquid cleaning products on them, be sure they are completely dry before placing them back into your computer. Start by Dusting

can end up saving you a lot of time. Declutter your workspace by creating one file for pictures, one for Word documents, one for spreadsheets, and one for programs to eliminate the hassle of frantically searching for the files you need.

Back Up Your Computer

Be sure to back up your computer before you start deleting things. This acts as a safety net in case you delete something you didn’t mean to. Additionally, consider installing a second hard drive. The extra space can help with storing important files without having to worry about how much room is left. Any files you’ll never use again should be deleted. Likewise, any programs you haven’t used in a while should be uninstalled. Check your hard drive for files that might be taking up unintended space on your computer. And remember to empty the recycling bin — it’s easy to forget just how much goes in there. Clean Up Space

Organize Your Files

Naming and arranging the files on your computer in such a way that they’re easy for you to find



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