Christmas decorations: glamourous or traditional?

As the holidays approach, our thoughts turn to decorating our homes for the festive season. Brightening up the house and adding a magical touch to social gatherings is a way to make this time of year stand out from every other occasion. To produce a striking effect that creates the mood you want, be sure to define the look you wish to create before buying or making any decorations or room accessories. Glamour There’s nothing like a metallic effect for creating a sparkling décor. Whether you opt for silver, gold, copper, or platinum for shine, the effects of reflecting light will make things look magical and will contribute to the harmony of your existing décor. Shimmering stars and metallic balls hung from doorframes are sure to put your guests in a party mood. Tired of the metallic look? How about doing pastels this year? They will give a look of softness and upscale chic to your home. Or you could try feathers and crystal, perfect for a natural yet modern look. With some inspired combinations, you can turn your home into a brilliant backdrop for an unforgettable evening. Traditional Christmas is also a wonderful opportunity to create a décor inspired by the olden days. The tradition of reds and greens can be resuscitated without tackiness — the secret is in

avoiding a heavy hand with plastic decorations. Let yourself be inspired by holly and poinsettias, a beautiful tablecloth, and trays of flickering candles.

Wooden decorations and kitchen accessories, however simple they may be, take us back to another era of cozy home life and Grandma’s baking. Imagine a tastefully decorated chandelier in the hall, a braided loaf of bread on the table, an old-fashioned throw on the couch, and antique toys under the Christmas tree. To have this look at home, all you need is a bit of imagination and a love for comfort and tradition. For a perfect finishing touch, put on some traditional music and let simmer a pot of water to which you’ve added a few orange peels and a cinnamon stick.

Whether you want your home to reflect your idealized memories of long ago or the very latest in trends, be sure to make your décor cozy, classy, and inviting.


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