How to loosen up at a holiday party (without alcohol)

The lavish holiday table: what you’ll need for an upscale dinner

JUST JOIN IN The night is sure to drag on if you keep to yourself. Look for a group of people having a lively conversation and approach with a smile. Show interest in what others have to say and wait for a natural break in the discussion to offer a comment or ask a question. Guests are expected to mingle at a party, so you shouldn’t feel like you’re intruding. Finally, try to arrive at the start of the event. Youmight find it less intimidating to approach people and make connections before the party is in full swing.

If you tend to be uncomfortable in group settings, the prospect of attending a holiday party might not put you in a festive mood. While some people recommend having a drink upon arrival to calm your nerves, there are plenty of alcohol-free ways to feel more at ease. GIVE COMPLIMENTS To break the ice, offer your host a sincere compliment about their choice of music, decor or food. If you want to spark a conversation with guests, start by commenting on their outfit or hairstyle. In other words, rather than worry about trying to make yourself sound interesting, take an interest in others.

If youwant your holiday feast to be a classy affair, you’ll need to take special care when you set the table. Here are a few key components you’ll need. ILLUMINATED CENTREPIECES Place an assortment of Christmas balls in vases, vintage lanterns or Mason jars. Weave miniature fairy lights between the ornaments to create a magical glow when the overhead lights are dimmed. IMMACULATE TABLE LINENS Whether you opt for a plain or patterned tablecloth, you’ll want to make sure it’s free of creases. Inspect the entire surface for stains, debris and hair, especially if you have pets. Use cloth napkins for a refined look. SPARKLING DINNERWARE Everything from bowls and plates to cups

and utensils should be freshly washed and in pristine condition. If you want to use silverware, take a few minutes to polish each piece. Keep an eye out for cracked or chipped glassware and set it aside. STYLISH ORNAMENTS To complete the holiday look, adorn the table with a variety of high-quality decorations such as pillar candles, pine garlands and crystal figurines. Use miniature wreaths, pine cones or bells to create charming place cards. Finally, remember to leave enough space for the platters of food, and set out cork trivets to protect your table from hot dishes.

OFFER TO HELP OUT If you want to get rid of your nervous energy and avoid standing around, ask the host how you can assist. Offer to serve refreshments, wash dishes or supervise the kids. In addition to keeping you busy, this might inspire others to lend a hand and give you a task to bond over.


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