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Graduation Ceremony Souvenir Supplement 2016

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The CIPP 2016 Graduation Ceremony celebrating the success of our students!

CIPP graduates were recognised for all their hard work and achievements at the 2016 Graduation Ceremony on Friday 4 November 2016. Family members, friends, tutors, CIPP staff and dignitaries all came together to celebrate the success of our students at the Dominion Theatre, London.

In today’s unstable economic environment, obtaining professional qualifications are what distinguish individuals as true leaders in their industry.

So why are professional qualifications necessary? In payroll and pensions, they are important because of the need to update skills and knowledge according to ever-changing government legislation and regulations. Employers also have certain expectations and they demand that the professionals they employ have the ability to do their jobs to the highest standard.

The Institute’s achievement of Chartered status will help demonstrate the valuable contributions that payroll and pensions professionals provide not only within business but also to UK society as a whole.

The Institute would like to congratulate all the graduates and wish them the best in their future endeavours. And remember, education does not have to stop here – we encourage you to keep up to date with all the latest legislation changes by involving yourself in continued professional development.

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Opening address

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of our guests here today, both on the stage, and in the audience. More importantly, I want to give a very warm welcome to each and every graduand who has joined us to receive their academic degree. Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. You may not be changing the world here today, but you’ve certainly taken steps to change the part of the world you inhabit, through your extra learning. You have definitely changed ‘your’ world! You have all worked extremely hard to achieve the academic success we are celebrating today. I graduated with the CIPP back in 2002 and I know personally just how much you deserve to receive this recognition. You should and have every right to feel proud of your achievements. I am sure I speak on behalf of everyone here when I say we are honoured to be able to share this very special day with you. The payroll and pensions industries are constantly changing as a result of new government legislation; and no doubt the impending autumn statement at the end of November will bring even more challenges for us all to deal with. That is exactly why we need educated professionals like you, to ensure we stay at the top of our profession. As a tutor having seen many students progress through the Foundation Degree, I have no doubt that during your studies you have come to value the network of fellow students and tutors, for support and advice. I’m also sure that the odd glass, or three, of wine has helped you forge those relationships and I really hope that these are friendships that will continue as you progress further into your careers and beyond. I would like to mention those special individuals who are also here: family, friends, tutors and, in some cases work colleagues. I not only want to thank them on your behalf, I also want to thank them on behalf of the CIPP, for all the help and support they have given you during your studies. They have been on the same emotional rollercoaster as you, they know all the ups and downs you’ve been through; they’ve been there for you when you were frustrated or emotional; they’ve acted as a sounding board or proof reader when you’ve needed them; they’ve given you encouragement in order for you to succeed. So thank you all for that support, it was really appreciated by all our graduands. In giving that thanks, I’m delighted that so many of you have come along today to celebrate that success and to see your family and friends honoured for their fabulous achievement. I know that if all the graduands in the auditorium today were standing where I’m standing right now, they would want to thank all the people who have supported them during their studies.

Eira Hammond FCIPPdip Chair, CIPP

“...we are honoured to be able to share this very special day with you”

‘You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so… Get on your way!’

Dr Seuss said that, and you know what? As you walk across this stage to receive your all- important honour, hold your head up high, stand tall, be proud, and take a moment when you get here to look around and just consider your fantastic achievement, and congratulate yourself. As you collect your certificates you will be ready to go off and climb your mountain. Finally, to our audience – remember this is a celebration – cheering, clapping and whooping is not just allowed, it is mandatory. And to our graduands – congratulations and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your moment!

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CEO address

Good afternoon and welcome to graduands, friends, family, tutors and other guests. We are here to celebrate and to support you graduands who have achieved a major milestone in your payroll/pension careers. Let us first all stand to give you a rapturous applause for your achievement. Learning is like a train journey – you have a destination in sight, a goal. Each different module was like stopping at another station and then onto the next until you reached that main goal and here you are. Knowledge is power and you are here today to celebrate your achievement and to join an exclusive group of true professionals who continue to play their part in raising the profile of our payroll and pensions professions. Along this journey, not only have you faced challenges but you will have experienced personal transformation and change. I say this as I bet you are not the same person now as you were when you commenced this journey. You are now equipped with a significant range of knowledge and skills and – guess what – your qualification shouts out that you can do exactly what it says on the tin and more. Your designatory letters demonstrate this qualification and professionalism to the world. Make sure you continue your membership with the CIPP in order to use these well-earned letters after your name. These letters not only demonstrate that you have achieved your qualification, but that you have access to the latest information and support relating to changes in the industry so truly are a payroll or pensions professional worth having on the team. Now that you have reached a major destination it may be your ultimate goal, but you may be already thinking about the next destination. For those of you who are already planning the next goal there are further steps you can choose to take in the form of the BA (Hons) top up to your Foundation Degree or the MSc in Business and Reward Management. This is your choice and your personal destination. There’s more. The exciting news is that at this very moment the CIPP has submitted its application to Privy Council for Individual Chartered Status. Your Foundation Degree, coupled with your continuing professional development forms part of the main application criteria so it is important to make sure you keep your membership up to date and keep those all- important letters, as you have earned them.

Ken Pullar FCIPP Chief executive, CIPP

“We are here to celebrate and to support you graduands

who have achieved a major

milestone in your payroll/

Whatever you do next, remember learning is a life-long journey both personally and professionally but where ever your journey takes you I want to wish you the very best of luck.

pension careers”

My final words to you are ‘don’t forget to complete your CPD’, and as Henry Ford said: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young”.

Enjoy your day and congratulations once again.


The CIPP Graduation Ceremony 2016

Guest address

First of all let me say how delighted I am to be here today, celebrating with such an amazing bunch of people. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Studying for a qualification takes a tremendous amount of drive and dedication, and the fact that most of you will have achieved this whilst juggling a full-time job, family responsibilities and the many other commitments that our incredibly busy lives throw at us, is outstanding. This level of commitment leaves me in no doubt that in front of me now are the payroll stars of the future and your employers should be very proud of you. The CIPP does a fantastic job of making sure that the payroll and pension professions achieve the recognition they deserve. It responds to the changes and pressures the industry faces and provides courses that equip you to be the very best that you can be. Pensions in particular is an area that has kept us on our toes lately and it will no doubt continue to do so moving forward, with all smaller employers now ‘embracing’ automatic enrolment and many larger organisations facing the challenge of re-enrolment. With hindsight, it would have been great to have developed a standard interface for all pension providers, rather than the multiple ones we are now faced with, but we are where we are, and as payroll and pensions professionals we will get the job done – and it will be done well. Common to everyone in this room, and demonstrated by your willingness to invest in continuing your education, is the desire to do a good job, to have the expertise and knowledge that enables you to face these and future challenges with confidence. Cintra are staunch supporters of the CIPP: as industry bodies go it really is at the top of its game. The information sharing, courses, networking, they are all first rate. But what really makes the Institute great is you – its members. You are the heart of the CIPP: the drive, professionalism and thirst for knowledge that you demonstrate today is what really sets it apart. The CIPP undoubtedly has the most dedicated members of any Institution I have encountered. With your commitment and enthusiasm I know the future of the payroll and pension professions are in good hands.

Carsten Staehr CEO, Cintra HR and Payroll

“The CIPP undoubtedly has the most dedicated members of any institution...”

I hope you take pride in the achievements we celebrate today and I hope you continue to evolve with the help and support of the CIPP and your fellow professionals.

Cintra HR & Payroll Services is proud to support this event and I personally am truly proud of each and every one of you and wish you continued achievement and success in the future.

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Guest address

Congratulations to everyone graduating today. We are delighted to be able to share the day with you and to celebrate your achievements, hard work and dedication.

Portfolio Payroll is extremely proud of our relationship with the CIPP as their preferred recruitment partner and having supported the payroll industry as a specialist recruiter for over 28 years. We are always hugely impressed with the level of dedication and commitment shown by CIPP members pursuing professional qualifications in addition to the day to day challenges of your role. The ever increasing complexities of payroll and pensions legislation and increased work load makes your graduation all the more impressive and inspiring to those embarking on their qualifications. Working in partnership with the CIPP, Portfolio Payroll recently conducted a salary and benchmarking survey. Our findings highlighted an increase in the number of clients requesting candidates who have undertaken CIPP study or who are currently studying. We have also witnessed a growing awareness of the impact and contribution of the CIPP to the industry as a whole. Moreover, we have noticed a significant upturn in the sheer volume of recruitment that we are doing at all levels and we are convinced that this heralds an extremely buoyant market over the coming months. In such a highly fluid recruitment market within the payroll sector at all levels and in most locations with skills and professional qualifications in high demand it becomes increasingly clear that the time you have invested into your qualification is a huge investment into your career and long-term professional development. The increased knowledge you have gained combined with the further skills you have developed will be beneficial both in your current role but also no matter what direction your career takes moving forward, as well as being an asset to both your current and future employers. The role of payroll and pensions professionals continues to be more central to the success of any business. No matter what the challenges, changes in legislation, pressures or projects you face moving forward in your career, you will be well-equipped to deal with the future.

Anthony Macey Director, Portfolio Payroll

“...No matter what the challenges, changes in legislation, pressures or projects you face moving forward in your career, you will be well-equipped to deal with the future”

Once again, congratulations, and we hope you have a wonderful day.


The CIPP Graduation Ceremony 2016

Guest address

At the Heart of Worcestershire College, we don’t see these graduation days as an end in themselves. On the contrary, we know that adventures for many of our graduates, and no doubt those I see in front of me now, are just about to begin. But before we look forward, let’s just take stock for a moment and look back. Now cast your mind back to a time in your studies when you felt at your lowest ebb, when things were not going according to plan. Can you recall that time in your mind now?

We have all had those moments. They neither threaten nor undermine us; when we learn from them, they can only make us stronger.

Use this memory to remind yourself of what you have overcome, when you steel yourself for whatever lies ahead.

Peter Robinson Heart of Worcestershire College “ are no longer a novice nor

This is the transformative potential of education and learning. The experience, skills and resilience we gain leads us to re-assess. It forces us to challenge the belief we have in ourselves, overcome the limitations we put on ourselves and possibly even shake up our view of the world. I imagine there were those around you to whom you owe some debt of gratitude. You will all be keen, no doubt, to thank those who stood by you in those times, gave a guiding hand or ever- listening ear. If they are here today, let’s take some time now to catch their eye. On to the future; you are no longer a novice nor trainee, but a fully qualified payroll and pensions professional. A member of an esteemed Institute, with a Royal Charter. Your title just got longer. So don’t see today as a conclusion; see it as an opportunity for more. Take some time in the coming days, not today perhaps, to not only think on your past achievements, but on what they foretell for your future. In those times, be the captain of your own ship, charter if you will your own course. And finally, one objective laid out in CIPP’s Royal Charter, which is ‘for the benefit of the people’, is to promote, foster and develop the general advancement of the payroll and pensions profession. Let this be a trumpet call to you too. Nelson Mandela, along with other prisoners on Robben Island, adopted a principle that originally arose during the slave trade; each one, teach one. Each inmate would teach one other something they knew; often the ability to read, but also a skill or fact, a story and even a magic trick. Together they taught each other to read and write, seed and harvest; together they shared their concerns and ambitions and through that they forged a future. I urge you to take a similar approach. Bear this banner with enthusiasm. Encourage, support and mentor those around you, to go on a similar journey as you. Maybe this time with you as captain.

trainee, but a fully qualified payroll and pensions professional. A member of an esteemed Institute, with a Royal Charter”

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Congratulations to this years’ graduates

Foundation Degree in Payroll Management 2016

Stuart Abbott David Abrahams Shagufta Afsar Olga Agurjanova Lisa Ambrose

Stuart Debnam Lesley Deere Jacqueline Denham Carla Dobson Claire Dove Shruthi Dullur Shelley Dunnings Jane Edwards Samantha Edwards Toni Ellis David Finlayson Emma Fletcher Suzanne Forbes Louise Foster Sophie Foster Jennifer Gadie Aimee Garcia Marie Gendall Gemma George Vanessa Gerritsen Gretl Giles Ian Giles Kirsty Gilliburn Keith Gladden Carolyn Godrich Sarah Goodrick-Meech Kele Gornall Lorna Facey Lynne Field

Lauren Hutchman Fiona Irving Anna Jackson Rumeena Jaffer Marc Johnson Selina Jones Narinder Kaur Cathy Killen Beata Klejszta Judith Knapp Sebastian Krus Ana Laiu Hannah Lappin Paul Larkin Allison Leach Alison Lentern Jennifer Little David Llewellyn Michelle King-Bennett Bozena Anna Klapinska Sarah Lloyd Sarah Lock Edward Maaye Jason Mallory Rachel Mandley Eleanor Mansey Kirsty Marshall Sajidah Master Zoe Masterson Sukhraj Matwala Alex McCarthy Kirsty McGall Lauren McLachlan Marc McLaren Sarah Meek James Miller Karl Miller Tristan Milliken Katie Monks Andrea Montgomerie

Marlena Mrozicka Christie Murphy Rachel Myles Craig Newis Carol Newman Stacey Northall Lyndsey O’Connor Kelly O’Hare Sam O’Leary Charlotte Olney Kaley Parker

Gemma Stanley Gemma Stevens Michelle Stock Sharna Styles Carol Suckling Wendy Summers Janine Sweeney Anna Synekova Carole Taylor Lisa Thomas Luke Thomas Cristi Liviu Tinjala Gillian Traynor Claire Treadwell Maxine Turbitt Nikki Turnbull Stacey Unsworth Nicola Van Der Walt Elizabeth Vary Alice Walker Christopher Walker Dawn Walton Abbey Watts Janice Weatherley Kirby Welch Alex Wells Kirsty Whitelock Diane Whittle Bridget Williams Jon Williams Melanie Willmott Craig Wood Samantha Wood Tracie Wood Claire Woodbury Samuel Worf Spicer Hailey Wright Kelly Wright Francesca Wyllie

Lucy Anstey Julie Arabin Donna Ashworth Nicola Atkin Ramayya Balla Sai Pattabhi

Andrew Barrett Michael Barrett Claire Barron Dawn Bartley Jeffrey Bing Stephen Blake Kimberley Bond Melanie Brand Andrew Braniff Joseph Brighouse Vicki Broadbent Denise Brown Jaye Brown Nicholas Brown Patricia Brown Thomas Brown Jack Buxton David Careless Thomas Carney Natalie Chaston Tom Chidgey Linda Clancy Jennifer Clare Danielle Clasper Judith Cleaver Sharon Cliffe Rachel Coles Kristy Collinge Alan Coom Kathryn Cottam Rhys Davies Samantha Davis Lisa Dawson

Lynsey Parkes Natalie Parkes Mona Patel Mo Perkins Kathryn Pettit

Vicki Pickles Kate Pollard Laura Powell Stephanie Anne Purchase Michelle Putt

Hana Rajosova Sarah Ramsay Momtaz Rashid Joanne Rayner Daniel Reuben Mary Richardson Ann-Marie Ring Simon Roddy James Rogers Michelle Rouse Yvette Salthouse Claudia Schwyn Lisa Scully Deborah Sharpe Craig Shepherd Michelle Sheridan Sharron Shillito

Rebecca Gotch Catherine Gray Amanda Grout Charlotte Harding Deborah Harding Liza Hardy Stella Hargreaves Susanne Harris Nicholas Hayward Carole Hedges Russell Herd Selena Herridge

Kim Simpson Caitlin Sinclair Heather Slater Louise Smith Natasha Smith

Helen Moody Liane Moona Natalie Morton

Marie Holmes Kathryn Horan


The CIPP Graduation Ceremony 2016

Foundation Degree in Pensions Administration and Management 2016

Amy Pomfret Laura Taylorson David Thomas

Vincent Kinder Alison Marsh Sandra Mounsey Marian Orrah Craig Payne

Kirsty Ellershaw Julie Gooding Jill Howell Azar Hussain Lynn Kelly

Usman Ahmed Andrew Coles Catherine Dix Philip Drury Sarah Dyson

BA (Hons) honoured guests

Alison Barlow ACIPP Karen Beckett ACIPP Jessica Crichton MCIPPdip Claire Davies MCIPPdip

Christine Gregory MCIPPdip Angela Hensley MCIPPdip Jacqueline King MCIPPdip Steve Martin MCIPPdip

Vanessa Martin MCIPPdip Andrea Roe MCIPPdip Lara Smart MCIPPdip Nicola Stanton MCIPPdip

Kerry Watson MCIPPdip April Williams MCIPPdip

MSc honoured guests

Nicola Ashton ACIPP Kathleen Brothwell

Stacey Edwards MCIPPdip Linda Shotton MCIPPdip

Snezana Treikale ACIPP

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Congratulations to 2015’s highest achievers

Foundation Degree in Payroll Management Best Work Based Project Award 2016

Student: Marie Gendall, Transactional services Tutor: Ray Ronnpage

“This was a lively tutor group and they have formed good supportive relationships with each other. This enabled relaxed and open sessions, with all students playing an active part in discussions.

“This student’s determination and commitment to the course was evident throughout. Their assignments were always of a high standard achieving two A grades and three A+ grades.

“At the beginning of January this year, the student was TUPE’d to another workplace and the project chosen may have been in jeopardy. Fortunately, the new management wished for the project to continue.

“This student thoroughly deserves the recognition this award brings; she has worked incredibly hard to achieve this level of work.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed studying for the Foundation Degree; my payroll knowledge has increased and I also gained the confidence and skills to apply my learning to the workplace.

“I had never studied for a degree before, so am very grateful for the help and assistance that I received from the tutors, and I hope to continue my studies in the future.

“It was an honour to receive the award for the Best Payroll Work Based Project. I appreciated being presented with my award on a West End stage, particularly as my husband and children are involved in amateur dramatics.”

Foundation Degree in Pensions Administration and Management Student of the Year Award 2016

Student: Catherine Dix, Wiltshire Pension Fund Tutor: Lynne Miller

“The recipient of this award has been a very diligent and conscientious student not just in this final year but throughout the entire course, showing a professional approach which resulted in the delivery of consistently high quality assignments.

“During the year this student contacted their tutor to let them know that they were dealing with some personal issues and they were concerned that this would impact on their studies. Nevertheless they continued to produce first class assignments, despite the additional pressures they were experiencing. Their assignments were always submitted on time and of a high standard, clearly showing the additional and extensive research undertaken for each module, and they were never happy until they were satisfied that they had put in 100% of effort.

“The tutor commented that all in all, they have been an excellent student and it has been a pleasure to tutor them.”

“I found the Foundation Degree in Pension Administration and Management both interesting and challenging. The support from my tutor and fellow students was invaluable. I am confident that the knowledge and experience gained over the past three years has prepared me for a successful career in pensions.”


The CIPP Graduation Ceremony 2016

Foundation Degree in Pensions Administration and Management Best Work Based Project Award 2016

Student: Philip Drury, Derbyshire Pension Fund Tutor: Karl White

“The project was well-structured, an issue was identified in great detail. The recommendations were wide-ranging and achievable and fully supported with evidence.

“The student’s commitment to their studies has shone through with the tutor commenting that even when the student unfortunately injured their knee ligaments and had to have an operation towards the end of the third year, they didn’t let this prevent them producing an excellent work based project and they have recently gained a well-deserved promotion. “The student has always been engaged and made great contributions to the tutorials and continually produced a high standard of work that it was a pleasure to both read and mark.” “I am very honoured to receive the award for CIPP Best Pensions Work Based Project 2016 and am delighted to report that my employer is already applying the recommendations from my project into the workplace with a view to also employing the theory into other areas of work; so my academic effort is already paying dividends and making a real difference to the business.”

Foundation Degree in Payroll Management Student of the Year Award 2016

Student: Alan Coom Tutor: Diane Barclay

“I have tutored this student in Year 2 and Year 3 and work has continuously been submitted to a high standard throughout the studies. Not always an A grade student but all of the work is professionally written and shows evidence of in-depth research and excellent knowledge.

“He has overcome both work and personal issues in order to continue with his studies. He has a very young daughter, moved house, had a serious shoulder operation and got little support from his employer during the period he was studying.

“Despite these issues, he has not missed a tutorial and travelled a long distance to attend each one and submitted every assignment on time.

“He has been a lively member of the tutor group and enjoys asking challenging questions. He has tested my knowledge on several occasions but is always more than willing to search answers out for himself and share what he finds out.

“I am pleased that, since finishing his studies, he has applied for and been accepted for a new role in a payroll software company where he will be able to use the skills and knowledge he has gained over the last two years.

“He has been a pleasure to tutor.”

“Payroll Student of the Year, isn’t just an accolade for me. It’s a tribute to the hard work of my tutor Diane and my fellow students as we learned together, grew together and graduated together.

“MCIPPdip are more than a few letters. They are the beginning of new friendships and acceptance into a large family of professionals, all working together to enhance the reputation of an industry often undervalued and overshadowed. It’s an accredited and respected qualification that shows I have the knowledge to back up the application. It is these letters that my family, colleagues and employer, Star Computers Limited, value highly. It is these letters that fill me with pride.”

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Congratulations to 2015’s highest achievers BA (Hons) in Applied Business and Management (CIPP) Work Based Investigation Award 2016 The BA in Applied Business and Management (CIPP) is an intensely challenging course condensing a degree programme into eighteen months. Students are faced with a varied range of modules and complete assignments which focus on business management. The final and ultimate piece is the Work Based Investigation where the student has to choose and research a topic of their choice. This last part of the course is demanding and requires careful planning, research and dedication and because of this we recognise the effort and challenge that goes into the production of this work by giving recognition to the student which we feel has provided the Best Work Based Investigation of the group. The marking and moderation team at the University of Derby said: “this piece of work had an excellent set of aims and objectives, was well- written and researched throughout. The gathered data and analysis was extremely thorough thus providing a clear link between the data, the findings and the recommendations. In practical terms it was evident to see the relevance to the student’s organisation.” “Words cannot express how honoured I was to receive the award for BA (Hons) Best Work Based Investigation 2016. To say that it came as a shock is an understatement, as all my fellow graduates were equally deserving of the award. Incorporating study into an already busy work life balance required significant dedication and planning and I would like to thank my family and colleagues for their patience and support. “I would also like to thank CIPP, my tutors and fellow students for their guidance throughout the degree course. Completing the areas of study has allowed me to expand on my management skills and build confidence, which I aim to continue to develop.” Student: Andrea Roe, Senior Pensions Assistant

MSc in Business and Reward Management Best Dissertation Award 2016

Student: Linda Shotton Mentor: Bonnie Holland

The Master of Science in Business and Reward Management digs deep, asks searching questions and ultimately alerts employers to your strategic understanding and ability to apply payroll, pensions and reward management practice. The final piece of work is the Independent Study (Dissertation) where the student chooses and researches a topic which links to the payroll profession.

Comments from the University of Derby: “It was clear that this student had put a lot of hard work into this study. The student presented a very clear and cohesive piece of work that was well-articulated and thought provoking with a comprehensive and informative review. This student presented a fine example of what can be achieved through focus and determination whilst facing some personal adversity”. What the mentor had to say: “This dissertation was a very detailed piece of work on an extremely hot topic. Because of the subject matter I expect it was of great benefit to her employers, with clearly laid out recommendations. The dissertation was well signposted throughout, making it a pleasure to read and mark. Although family and work commitments were ever-present, this student remained focussed and in regular contact with me at all times. This student should be proud of herself and this achievement. “I am very proud to have been awarded my Masters, however I was extremely shocked and surprised to receive the award for the MSc Best Dissertation 2016. It is a great honour to receive this award but I receive it on behalf of a number of people who helped me: the tutors; mentor Bonnie Holland; proof readers Paula Shotton and Rachel Hegarty; my employer Homes and Communities Agency who gave me access to employees for interviews and questionnaires; and my fellow students who offered moral support when needed.

“I highly recommend this qualification and thank all at the CIPP for their kind attention.”


The CIPP Graduation Ceremony 2016

Thank you to all of our tutors, invigilators and moderators

Julie Aghanti-Akinremi MCIPPdip Mike Aldous MCIPPdip Anne Anderson MCIPPdip Adele Anderson-Fryer ACIPP Mark Astill MCIPPdip

Sonia Grant MCIPPdip Toni Green MCIPPdip Steve Harford MSc FCIPP Julia Harris MSc FCIPP Ros Hendren MSc, CMgr MCMI dip, FCIPPdip, FHEA Vicky Hilton ACIPP Michael Hollingsworth MCIPPdip (pensions) Dianne Hoodless MSc FCIPP

Aubrey Penning Vivien Piper MCIPPdip Dino Pistacchio MCIPPdip Devila Rabadia BA (Hons) FCIPPdip Raymond Ronnpage MCIPPdip Jackie Rose ACIPP James Ross MSc FCIPP Hayley Ryder BA (Hons) FCIPPdip Polly Sinclair MCIPPdip Cathy Smith MSc FCIPP Craig Smith MCIPPdip Brian Sparling MCIPPdip Pete Statham MSc FCIPP Diane Stevenson MCIPP Michelle Sutton MCIPPdip Karen Thomson MSc FCIPP FHEA Margaret Thomson FCIPP Colette Tierney MSc FCIPP Alison Ward MSc FCIPP Clare Warrington MSc FCIPPdip Julia Watkin MSc FCIPPdip Karl White MCIPPdip (pensions) Joanne Sankey MCIPPdip Lesley Sinclair MCIPPdip

Diane Barclay MCIPPdip David Beckley MCIPPdip Kelvin Bell FCIPP Michele Bennett MCIPPdip Tricia Brogan MCIPPdip Susan Budden MCIPPdip Andrew Christie ACIPP Anne Clark ACIPP

Stuart Hough MCIPPdip Vicky Jenkins FCIPPdip Caroline Jones MCIPPdip Lisa Kelly MCIPPdip (pensions) Colin Keown MSc FCIPPdip Christine Lane BA (Hons) FCIPPdip Liz Lay MSc FCIPP Joanne Leather Julie Lewins MCIPP

Gillian Clarke MCIPPdip Lee Clayburn MCIPPdip Tanya Clements MCIPP Brian Comber MCIPPdip Paul Cooper MCIPPdip Tracey Crank MCIPPdip Nicola Daniel MCIPPdip (pensions) Matthew Davies MCIPPdip

Sandra Lingwood MCIPPdip Jane McDonald MCIPPdip David McKinlay MCIPPdip Carole Mellis MCIPPdip Lynne Miller BA (Hons) FCIPPdip (pensions) Jacqueline Milward MCIPPdip Andrea Musson MCIPPdip Melanie Noon MSc FCIPPdip Julie Northover MCIPPdip Catherine O’Connor MCIPPdip Robert Parker Dawn Parry BA (Hons) FCIPPdip

Chris Davis MCIPPdip Donna Day MCIPPdip Olivia Dunham MCIPPdip Susan Edes MCIPPdip

Thelma White MCIPPdip Kate Winson MCIPPdip Valerie Woodland MSc FCIPP

Dawn Gibbons MCIPPdip Paul Gibbons MCIPPdip Elaine Gibson MSc FCIPP FHEA MCMI Dee Goodwin MCIPP

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Final words, close of ceremony and final bidding

Wasn’t that a wonderful ceremony in such a fantastic venue? I’d like to offer sincere thanks to Elaine, Adele and the whole team for organising such a fabulous day.

Thank you also to Ken and Peter for their thought provoking and inspirational addresses.

Thank you to our sponsors, Carsten Staehr of Cintra Payroll & HR Services and to Anthony Macey of Portfolio Payroll.

Thank you to all the CIPP tutors, and the high level of commitment they continuously show, in supporting their students through their studies, often until late in the evening, and at weekends, when students are most likely to be studying. We know most of our tutors have their own day jobs, and the CIPP really appreciates all the work they do. Thank you also to our fellows and the CIPP Board members. On your behalf, I would once again, like to thank your friends and family for the support they have given throughout your studies and for joining you here today. Most importantly I want to thank you, for all your hard work and dedication. Remember, today is for celebration and congratulations, so take just a moment, to congratulate others sitting around you, give each other a hug of praise, and a handshake of admiration – and, after we leave the auditorium, remember to find and speak to those who you want to say a personal thank you, or congratulations to, over a celebratory drink. Make sure you also get their contact details for those ongoing networking opportunities. Next week, when you return to the office, don’t forget that your certificate should take pride of place. Be proud, and remember to show it to your boss and colleagues, pin it on the notice board, or display it, framed, on your desk. You deserve the recognition and congratulations. Soon after I graduated in 2002, I enquired about becoming a tutor myself, to give something back to the payroll industry, and encourage other payroll professionals to study; I’ve been tutoring ever since. Perhaps some of you are considering the same, or perhaps embarking on a further academic qualification? Get in touch with the qualifications team, anytime in the future, if you feel you would like to support others in their development or to continue with your own academic studies. Another way you can keep on learning is to continue to support us, the CIPP, your Institute. Stay involved, keep your CPD up to date, and keep your full membership status. We welcome you most warmly to our family, and when you are ready to take your next learning experience, remember the success you feel today, and whatever that is, you know you will be able to take on the challenge and enjoy it.

Eira Hammond FCIPPdip Chair, CIPP

“...when you return to the office, don’t forget that your certificate should take

pride of place...”

Whatever part of your learning journey you are on, whether you have already achieved your graduate status or are part-way through your journey, there are challenges for the future:

● To stay at the top of our profession ● To use what you have learnt as a stepping stone for the future – to better both yourself and your profession ● To encourage others to follow in your footsteps.

Cherish this moment – we, in the CIPP honour and applaud your effort, and take pride in any small contribution we have given to you, in achieving all of this.


The CIPP Graduation Ceremony 2016

CIPP’s Education History


The CIPP has been providing payroll and pensions support to individuals and businesses since 1980 when the Association of Pensions and Superannuation Administrators (APSA) was formed. In 1998 APSA merged with the Institute of British Payroll Managers (IBPM) and became the Institute of Payroll and Pensions Management (IPPM). Following research and feedback from members the IPPM became the Institute of Payroll Professionals (IPP) in 2007 and was granted Royal Chartered status in March 2011. Our qualifications programme was launched in 1991 when just under 500 students enrolled; all research indicated that we would be lucky to get 100 so this was a tremendous achievement. The oldest graduate in those early days was a 63-year-old gentleman who said he wanted to show the world that he could do the job. Since then, the CIPP has been the single largest provider of part-time, professional payroll and pensions education. Our qualifications are accepted as the industry benchmark and, thanks to the support provided to students, the CIPP has an outstandingly high pass rate for blended learning study methods. In order for a qualification to count, it needs validation and legitimacy. In the early days our qualifications were accredited by Edexcel/BTEC, and now we work with Heart of Worcestershire College, the University of Worcester and the University of Derby to provide the only university- approved payroll and pensions qualifications in the UK. From around 30 volunteers helping to deliver tutorials and mark papers when we first started, the Chartered Institute now has almost 120 tutors who work tirelessly to deliver a high quality service and qualification. CIPP tutors are all highly experienced practitioners with extensive working knowledge of the profession. We have come a long way since those early days when we dreamed of creating a recognised qualification for the profession – the Chartered Institute has achieved its aim and there are now more than 20,000 CIPP qualified individuals in the UK, and that number is increasing.

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