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It’s All About the Coach

MY TAKE ON THE METHOD BEHIND MARCH MADNESS Here at Dellutri Law Group, we wait all year for March Madness to come around. Most of my staff gets pumped up for the lunch, and I say a well-oiled machine with a very good leader kicks the crap out of the unprepared every time.

office bracket (there’s always a fancy trophy up for grabs, as you can see), but for me, it’s all about the coaches. Let me explain: The way I see it, the best basketball teams vault to the top because they have the best coaches to lead them. Sure, there are great players, but there’s only one coach coordinating the chaos of all of the players, all of the assistant coaches, and everything else happening on and off the court. Every one of those moving parts needs to come together just right to make the team successful — and without a brilliant coach, the whole song and dance implodes. Take practice, for example. College basketball games go by like lightning in just 40 minutes. They play two 20-minute quarters and boom, game over! But even though the team is only on the court for an hour, between the coaches and the players, they need to prepare for hundreds, even thousands , of hours to get ready for the competition. That includes training, conditioning, strategizing, analyzing their old plays, picking apart their competitors’ moves, and more, all at the coach’s direction. Ultimately, the muscle memory of that preparation is how you win. They say culture eats strategy for

When I come into the office every morning, I gear myself up to be one of those leaders. A law firm isn’t all that different from a basketball team — and here at Dellutri Law, we’re playing to win. That means we’re constantly practicing, running drills to prepare for the next recession. I’m not going to lie; the last recession caught us by surprise. We weren’t prepared that time, but we learned from it, and this go-around, we’ll be ready. I look at it this way: The basketball teams that will make it to the Sweet 16 or the Final Four this year are the ones that started preparing, working, and getting ready for March Madness the day last year’s March Madness ended. Everything you see those teams do on the court — every last pass, dribble, and tipoff — has been practiced a thousand times, and that’s why they whoop the competition. (Side note: The one exception to this seems to be free throws. I still don’t understand why these clowns can’t make a free throw! Statistically, basketball games are close enough that a few free throws can be game-changers. If I were a coach, I’d make all of my guys do 100 free throws before each practice until nobody missed. But I digress.)

In order to bring that same level of readiness to the next recession, my team and I have been finding all the holes in our system and plugging them one by one. Now we have better software, better training, and a better intake process, and we’ve automated as much of our system as possible. Everything is tracked, and nothing is missed. And because I believe a lawyer is only as good as their communication with their clients, we’re putting every second of the extra time we’ve created into strengthening those relationships. After all, if no one trusts the coach, the game falls apart — and in an office that will fight to the death over a plastic March Madness trophy, you know there’s no way we’ll let that happen.

–Carmen Dellutri

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