Farm fight: Liberal candidate blasts budget reduction


MP Pierre Lemieux has countered that


taken out of Business Risk Management

the aid allocation is lower because farmers


or a Buy Atlantic program in the east.

programs and $150 million in agricultural


She notes that there are 1,052 farms in

research. “These are critical investments

that Liberals know nothing about farming.


Farmers are getting hard hit by the


Bourgeois says in a statement she does

2006 Census; their total value exceeds a

federal government’s Agriculture Canada

she adds. “It is time for the farmers of this

know that the Harper government’s

billion dollars and they cover an area of

budget reduction, claims Glengarry-

country to be the onesworking on the design

intention will have a negative impact on

93,979 hectares. In North-Glengarry, there

Prescott-Russell Liberal candidate Julie

of the programs necessary to sustain

farmers in the riding. She is convinced the

are 343 farms valued together at more than


them. The Liberal Party has made it clear we

Conservatives “are trying to balance their

$263 million, while they cover an area of

She says she is “deeply concerned that

are prepared to build the kinds of business


22,532 hectares. “Glengarry-Prescott-

Harper’s Conservatives have given up on

risk management programs farmers in all

Prescott-Russell and elsewhere in Canada.”

Russell’s 2,150 farmers, who average 51

their promise of putting farmers first by

regions of this country require to meet their

The Liberal hopeful says that the most

years old, will tell you that they want to

proposing a $418-million cut to Agriculture


serious impact from the cuts in the 2011-

continue farming, but that they need help

Canada’s budget.”

have committed to farmers that agricultural

2012 Main Estimates tabled in the House of

when times are tough or other unforeseen

policy has to come from the farm up, not

circumstances. Theymust be able to rely on

Ottawa down. Liberals have committed to

their elected representatives in Ottawa at

develop a national food policy and put the

Liberals don't get it: MP

all times.”

flex back in Agriflex, as farmers have asked

“Once out of the main urban centres of

for. This means federal funding that can be

Cumberland, Rockland, Hawkesbury and

situation of farmers.

used for practical programs on the ground

Alexandria, it’s easy to understand how



such as the Risk Management Program in

much of the region’s economy relies on

over five years. Crop yields have been

Ontario, the Assurance stabilisation des

agriculture and rural communities. All our

excellent. Grain and oil seed prices are high,

revenus agricoles (ASRA) in Québec, an

Liberal candidate Julie Bourgeois’


pork and beef prices are up, our Agriculture

improved crop insurance or a livestock

criticism of a drop in Agriculture Canada

to be sustainable,” she says.

Minister has opened numerous foreign

funds shows she does not comprehend


farming, says Glengarry-Prescott-Russell


MP Pierre Lemieux.

“Farmers are doing better now than they


have in a very long time! Surely this is good


news. It’s unfortunate that the Liberals have

and in doing so, indicated that within


agriculture, next year’s government

it into bad news.”


With respect to lower Main Estimates in

than was anticipated a year ago.

agricultural research, Lemieux says that a


number of programs are expected to expire

less on government assistance programs as

this year, such as programming to fight the

a result of their stronger financial position

Plum Pox virus and Circovirus. “These



Risk Management programming.

come to their natural end.”

“When farmers do better, they need less

Lemieux referred to a January 2011 Farm

government assistance,” says the

Credit Canada Survey that found that:

Conservative MP.

· 66% of farmers said that they are better

Lemieux, who is also the Parliamentary

off now than they were five years ago

Secretary for Agriculture, says the Main

· 81% of livestock producers stated that

Estimates reflect the improving financial

they will be better off in the next five years

· 80% are more likely to recommend a

career in agriculture or a related field to

Conférence forestière Boisé 2011 Le samedi 2 avril 2011 de 8 h 30 à 15 h 30 Complexe J.R. Brisson Casselman

friends and family.

Lemieux comments that these types of


government and that farmers know that

“when it comes to Conservatives and

agriculture, farmers come first.”

Lemieux criticized the Liberals for

wanting to raise business taxes.

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Submitted photo

“The Liberals don’t understand


agriculture well. Their plan to increase

at the fifth Spring Gala organized by the Conservative federal riding association.

business taxes by $6 billion will definitely


"We don’t want an election"


need to suffer under a tax increase,” the MP



of his friend and colleague, Pakistani

“As MP and as the Parliamentary


Minister Shahbaz Bhatti who had been

Secretary for Agriculture, I have the great

assassinated earlier in the week.

privilege of working with farmers in my

Lemieux said that, since being elected in

Pierre Lemieux insists he does not want

riding and across the country. They know

2006, the Conservative government has

to return to the campaign trail. However,

that I am working hard to ensure that they

invested more than $130 million in federal





Conservative MP says he is prepared to



Don’t let your dog


the new federal budget is presentedMarch

“This type of investment is


chase deer

unprecedented and has never happened

“We don’t want an election. We are the

before in the history of our riding. The

government, we are happy being the

Prime Minister and our Conservative

government and Canadians are happy with

The Ontario Ministry of Natural

government believe in our riding and these

us being the government and with our

Resources reminds dog owners that it is

investments are improving the quality of

initiatives,” says Lemieux. “But I am ready. I

illegal and dangerous to allow dogs to run

life of our residents, attract business and

have a solid and committed campaign team

loose and chase deer during the non-

make GPR a place we are proud to call

– we will hit the ground running andwe will

hunting season.

home,” the MP said.

execute a well organized, effective, high

The ministry points out that it is very

intensity campaign to win Glengarry-

difficult for deer to run in deep snow or on


ice. A deer chased by a dog can be injured,

SNC meeting

First elected in 2006, Lemieux was re-

become exhausted or die.

elected in 2008.

Dog owners are urged to keep their dogs

He spoke about the probability of another


leashed or in enclosures to ensure the safety

election during

his fifth Spring Gala in

of both dogs and deer. Under the Fish and


Wildlife Conservation Act, it is illegal to let

Don Pearson, General Manager of

The sell-out soirée was emceed by Bobby

a dog run off leash in an area inhabited by

Conservation Ontario, will be the guest

Lalonde and featured entertainment by the

deer, moose, elk or bear during the closed

speaker at the SouthNationConservation

Sons of Scotland pipe and drums band.

hunting season.


Guest speaker Jason Kenney, Minister of

Under this legislation, the ministry’s

The election of a new board chair and






Multiculturalism, demonstrated his

and are authorized to destroy dogs found

Thursday, March 17 by phoning 1-877-984-

commitment to Lemieux’s fundraiser by

chasing deer if they cannot be called off the

2948, or by emailing

travelling to Wendover from Islamabad,


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