Ellis: 5 Ways To Beat Knee Pain While Running


SPRINT INTO SPRING WITH FOOT ORTHOTICS Springtime is here! People are becoming more active outside. People start enjoying going for walks or begin running again because of the nicer weather and enjoy the outdoors. Make sure you have the proper footwear and support to prevent injury. Here at EPT, we can help with any concerns or question you have about getting back into a more active lifestyle. A lot of things that we see in the spring are people with foot, ankle, and knee pain after starting a running/ walking routine again in the spring. A lot of those people can benefit from a custom orthotic that we provide at our clinic. There are many routine treatments for foot problems, from anti-inflammatory pills to cortisone injections, to a million different pads, cushions, ointments and, of course, surgery. All of these have temporary, pain-relieving effects. But, if you want the chance to permanently solve the problem, you must change the way your feet function on the ground. Two basic states of the foot should be very familiar: arch up and arch down. The arch down state happens when, after the heel strikes the ground, the foot unwinds inside and the arch does a free fall due to gravity. Most people can do this so well they overdo it. Please come visit us if you are interested in orthotics that will greatly reduce pain in feet, ankles, and knees. Sole Supports are Full Contact foot orthotics. Since sole supports are custom fit to the patient’s feet, they maintain constant contact with the bottom of the patient’s feet and provide total support.


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