“Drakenstein Municipality fully supports the #snarefree initiative and had the privilege of being involved in it from its inception. Last year, we conducted a series of patrols around Paarl Mountain’s private farms with the Cape Leopard Trust and Global Conservation Forces field rangers. During these patrols, we encountered several concerning snaring incidents,” says Lindsay. The Municipality encourages Drakenstein’s residents to join in and play your part in protecting our magnificent wildlife. Your role in wildlife protection If you encounter a live wild animal caught in a snare, call the Snare Free Hotline at 076 127 8485 . • Maintain a safe distance from the animal, minimise noise, and prevent others from entering the area. • Be prepared to provide the hotline operator with vital information, including the accurate location (preferably GPS

The further we can share the message, the more information we can hopefully gather through the ‘Snare Free’ app and hotline.

coordinates), a description of the animal (if possible), and your contact number. In the unfortunate event of discovering empty snares or a deceased animal caught in a snare, take a photograph and report it to the Cape Leopard Trust's online data portal , . You will need to provide the location details and a photograph. Please carefully remove and responsibly dispose of the snares to prevent their re-use.

Training conservation officials in snare detection and removal. ©Cape Leopard Trust

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