Morning Glory Women's Network - November 2019

Special Feature of Our External Advisory Board Member

Dr. Grace Yum

how collaborative and how many people were involved at the law firm. As dentists, we are often working alone or in a small group setting. It is easy to feel isolated and


Since first entering the dental field more than 20 years ago, Dr. Grace Yum has quietly become one of the leading pediatric dentists in Chicago and beyond, as well as a thought-leader among dentists nationally. Dr. Yum found her passion for dentistry when she was 18 years old. She first worked as a dental assistant, progressing on to dental school and advanced training in pediatrics at Chicago’s leading children’s hospital, and then climbing the ladder to eventually start her own practice, which now has two offices.

overwhelmed and worse when you are a mom business owner! Hence, the name of the group is a reflection of who our members are.

Q: Let’s talk about the new book “Mommy Dentists in Business 2: Advice to My Younger Self.” Why is it important?

A: This new book is volume 2 in the “Mommy Dentists in Business”series! The first one is about juggling your life and career. The new book is about hindsight and how it can help younger or newer moms and offer different perspectives in our journeys.

As a certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Yum has earned a certification held by less than 5% of all dentists in the United States. Dr. Yum has an active presence on social media, where she brings together patients, their parents, other dentists, and working moms. In 2017, she founded Mommy Dentists in Business, a private Facebook group that has grown to over 5,700 dentist moms in the United States and around the world who are dedicated to sharing best practices to achieve excellence in dentistry while balancing life and work.

Q: Now that you have achieved so much in life, what are

your next steps?

A: Thank you so much! I have really focused on what feels right for me, and I grow organically. I never really intended MDIB to grow as quickly as it did. I am thankful for my journey and all the opportunities that have been given to me.


Q: What would be your advice to any mommy dentist, summing it up in one sentence?

Q: Could you briefly talk about your motivation behind Mommy Dentists in Business? A: The birth of Mommy Dentists in Business was back in June 2017. I was attending a legal conference where my husband was a speaker. I noticed

A: My advice to any mommy dentist is to carve out time for yourself and practice self-care.


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