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We all know running a business and owning your own practice as a clinical practitioner are two very different things, but for many of us, these are two roles we must jump in and out of every single day. It can be an incredible challenge, and it can split your focus. We all want our practices to succeed, but when you’re juggling two different roles, it can be hard to build the practice you really want to build. Robert M. Pick, DDS, MS, is someone who falls into the category of a dental business owner and clinical practitioner. He’s experienced in balancing these roles and in growing a very successful practice. Part of his success came from his approach to team-building and the overall development of his team and his practice. Dr. Pick created a way to further develop his team and achieve new levels of success. He calls it the Pick Business Team-Building Retreat (or PBR). The PBR is a biannual retreat that takes your team away from the office. Your goal is to take a day or two to minimize distractions so you and your team can buckle down and focus. Dr. Pick suggests renting a conference room at a nearby hotel. It’s just a place where everyone can easily gather (and a place where you can easily cater breakfast and lunch and keep things business casual). Dr. Pick keeps the PBR exceptionally well organized. If you have shirts with your practice’s logo on it, be sure to wear them, and if you don’t have shirts with a logo, now is a great time to get those! More importantly, however, is the binder you hand to each member of your team. This binder should be tailored to each team member with their name and photo, along with the practice name and logo and the date of the retreat. This binder holds all the information pertinent to the retreat: an outline for the day (or days), information on what to expect from the retreat, a list of events or discussions, and any articles you wish your team to read for the later discussion. In addition to this, and at the beginning of the day, Dr. Pick gives each member of the team a lightbulb. The bulbs represent ideas. If someone has a great idea they wish to share with the room, they raise their lightbulb. It could be related to the topic at hand or something completely different.

This allows the meeting to come to a brief pause as they share their idea and everyone can discuss it before continuing. What topics might you cover? If it’s your first retreat with your team, this is the time to talk about your practice’s mission, vision, and culture

statements. This discussion informs your team on where your practice is and where you want it to go. It sets the foundation for the future. As you lay this foundation, it’s also a good time to talk about your practice’s brand — what sets you and your team apart from everyone else? Too many practices fail to differentiate themselves from other practices. You get lost in the mix. Prospective patients need to know why you are better and why you are worth booking an appointment with versus anyone else. As Dr. Pick puts it, “Most dental practices know how and what they do, but very few know why they do what they do.” You must answer the question of why. There are a number of other topics you can and should cover in a retreat, from a year in review to goal setting. You can see a comprehensive look at PBRs at dentistrytoday. com/news/todays-dental-news/item/3865-use-retreats-to-become-a-fortune- 500-dental-business . As you plan for 2020, now is the time to also start planning how you are going to arrive at the next level of success — which starts with sitting down with your team to build them up.

–Y. Cathy Hung, DDS, Dip. ABOMS

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Founder, Morning Glory Women Dentists Network of New Jersey


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Special Feature of Our External Advisory Board Member

Dr. Grace Yum

how collaborative and how many people were involved at the law firm. As dentists, we are often working alone or in a small group setting. It is easy to feel isolated and


Since first entering the dental field more than 20 years ago, Dr. Grace Yum has quietly become one of the leading pediatric dentists in Chicago and beyond, as well as a thought-leader among dentists nationally. Dr. Yum found her passion for dentistry when she was 18 years old. She first worked as a dental assistant, progressing on to dental school and advanced training in pediatrics at Chicago’s leading children’s hospital, and then climbing the ladder to eventually start her own practice, which now has two offices.

overwhelmed and worse when you are a mom business owner! Hence, the name of the group is a reflection of who our members are.

Q: Let’s talk about the new book “Mommy Dentists in Business 2: Advice to My Younger Self.” Why is it important?

A: This new book is volume 2 in the “Mommy Dentists in Business”series! The first one is about juggling your life and career. The new book is about hindsight and how it can help younger or newer moms and offer different perspectives in our journeys.

As a certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Yum has earned a certification held by less than 5% of all dentists in the United States. Dr. Yum has an active presence on social media, where she brings together patients, their parents, other dentists, and working moms. In 2017, she founded Mommy Dentists in Business, a private Facebook group that has grown to over 5,700 dentist moms in the United States and around the world who are dedicated to sharing best practices to achieve excellence in dentistry while balancing life and work.

Q: Now that you have achieved so much in life, what are

your next steps?

A: Thank you so much! I have really focused on what feels right for me, and I grow organically. I never really intended MDIB to grow as quickly as it did. I am thankful for my journey and all the opportunities that have been given to me.


Q: What would be your advice to any mommy dentist, summing it up in one sentence?

Q: Could you briefly talk about your motivation behind Mommy Dentists in Business? A: The birth of Mommy Dentists in Business was back in June 2017. I was attending a legal conference where my husband was a speaker. I noticed

A: My advice to any mommy dentist is to carve out time for yourself and practice self-care.


The Morning Glory WHAT IT MEANS TO ME AND THE FUTURE OF WOMEN IN DENTISTRY In the past 20 years of attending AAOMS (American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons) meetings, I found the attendees to be mostly comprised of one gender: male. The 10% female oral surgeon statistic has not changed significantly over the past 20 years since my residency. I was usually assumed to be either a dental assistant or another oral surgeon’s wife or girlfriend. Going into an elevator filled with testosterone was uncomfortable and always made me feel that I didn’t belong. When my husband walked the convention floor with me, he was coveted by sales representatives and was joined by other oral surgeons into the conversation, despite the fact that my name stated “Dr. Cathy Hung, Fellow.” As a solo practitioner, I host a study club. I’ve found a large number of female practitioners in my area. When we have had events in the past, there was an unspoken understanding and comfort level among the female practitioners — a safe environment for us to share and



• • • •

2 slices sourdough bread 2 tbsp Dijon mustard

• •

2 tbsp leftover gravy 1 tbsp butter, room temperature

2 slices Swiss cheese

1/3 cup shredded leftover turkey

Note: Don’t worry if you don’t have all the leftovers required.

• •

3 tbsp leftover cranberry sauce 1/3 cup leftover dressing or stuffing


1. Coat inside of each bread slice with mustard and a slice of cheese. Place turkey and cranberry sauce on one slice and dressing and gravy on the other. 2. Combine sandwich and spread butter on both sides. 3. In a panini maker or large skillet, grill until crispy and golden brown. 4. Slice and serve. Congratulations To our Outstanding Advisory Board Members Congratulations to our External Advisory Board member, Dr. Heidi Kohltfarber, Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist, on being inducted as a Fellow in Academy of Dentistry International as well as International College of Dentistry at the 2019 ADA annual meeting. Dr. Kohltfarber is the owner of Dental Radiology Diagnostics. Contact her if you should need excellent radiology reports. Congratulations to our External Advisory Board member, Ms. Lisa Lieberman of “Fine to Fab,” a TED-speaker, serial- entrepreneur, and Tony Robbin’s Senior Leader, has been voted New Jersey’s TopWomen Entrepreneur of the Year!

interact. This year I’ve decided to name my study club “Morning Glory Women Dentists Network of New Jersey.”We had a launching event on June 8, 2019. It was well-received, and everyone got to speak on the microphone about their best attributes and their goals for the year.

Morning glory is a flower vine of pink and purple flowers that is abundant in Taiwan, my home country. This flower vine needs very little water to survive and blooms again after brief withering. In Chinese

Dr. Cathy Hung, Dr. Jeanne Chung and Dr. Joan Malcolm

layman terms, we call them“trumpet flowers.”To me, this flower vine symbolizes triumph, resiliency, connection, sisterhood, and strength.

My goals are to provide education and social networking events for women dentists in my area so they can form new friendships and grow as professionals and human beings. I am honored to be included in ADA’s Institute for Diversity in Leadership program, class 2019–2020. I hope to spin more ideas and design a program for women dentists in my area to strengthen our power and perhaps provide community outreach programs in the future.

This “Tales from the Dentist’s Chair” written by Dr. Y. Cathy Hung originally appeared in the AAWD’s Chronicle August 2019 edition.

We are so proud that Morning Glory has such accomplished women in leadership!


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Send a request to join us on our new Facebook group“The Talented Dentists.”This group is open to men and women dentists everywhere!

ANight With Dr. Pick and Dr. Nacho May 6, 2020: Dental Practice Management Night

You are invited to a night of education and entertainment! Dr. Nachomeets the Purple Cow!

Additionally, Dr. Pick is engaged full-time in the private practice Periodontics, Implants and Oral Medicine in Aurora, Illinois. He is also a member of the attending staff of Northwestern Memorial Hospital and a Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at Northwestern University’s Medical School. More about Dr. Goodman: He has a passion for teaching, speaking, and giving back to the dental community. In 2016, he joined United Dental Brokers of America and helps dentists with buying and selling. In 2017, he also founded the Facebook Group“Dental Nachos,”based on his love of helping and (kindly) annoying dentists. He also really loves nachos. Today, Dr. Goodman is a practicing general dentist and the managing partner of a group practice with two locations, along with his brother, Jeffrey, in Mercer County, New Jersey. Over the past 10 years, he has acquired three dental practices and has transformed his father’s general practice into a dental group that employs four general dentists, specialists, and over 20 teammembers between the two locations.

What does that mean?

On May 6, 2020, we will be holding a lecture featuring the esteemed Robert Pick, DDS, MS, FACD, FICD (known for the Purple-Cow-Wow!) and Paul“Dr. Nacho”

Goodman, DMD.

These two docs will come together to talk about dental practice management and answer your toughest questions. And when two great speakers come together, you can expect a few surprises along the way. You’ll laugh and learn!

More about Dr. Pick: He’s a business practice management consultant, coach, bestselling author, and entrepreneur. He’s high energy and entertaining as he educates those he speaks to. He developed the PBR, or the Pick Business Team-Building Retreat, a way to help practices improve, grow, and achieve success. Dr. Pick serves as CEO of The Pick Group, a practice firmbased on ethics and excellence all designed to yield a happy, healthy, and wealthy practice.

Dental Practice Management Night Featuring Dr. Pick and Dr. Nacho Wednesday, May 6, 2020 6–9 p.m. Location: TBD


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