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T he S tem C ell A dvantage An Education With Joe Radich

I’ve been working in the field of stem cell therapy for about four years now, and in that time, I’ve seen many incredible things. Before shifting into stem cell therapy, I practiced orthopedics from the perspectives of both functional and integrated medicine. It wasn’t until I saw the power and potential behind stem cells that I gradually shifted my approach in treatment. The more I learned about stem cell technology and therapy, the more I realized this rapidly-advancing field could greatly benefit my patients, and really, people everywhere. While many people assume that stem cells are used primarily for joint conditions and orthopedics, the fact is, stems cells are useful in treating a broad number of issues. When patients learn just how beneficial stem cells are, they are astonished — just as I was. I’ve watched stem cell therapy become a genuine alternative to several types of conventional procedures, including many procedures doctors would label invasive. And not only can stem cell therapy be an effective alternative to many conventional orthopedic procedures (not to mention a number of corrective procedures for injuries, degenerative diseases, and other disorders), it can serve as an alternative to many types of cosmetic procedures, as well. I’m talking about skin and hair rejuvenation, including stopping and even reversing hair loss, and reversing the look of aging. Stem cell therapy has the potential to unlock a new era of health and wellness, helping people feel better inside and

Stem cell therapy has the potential to unlock a new era of health and wellness, helping people feel better inside and out.

out. And to that point, and for anti- aging applications, for example, stem cells work to heal your body from the inside out. You can look years younger without having to rely on chemicals or treatments that don’t last and certainly don’t use your own cells to your benefit. Stem cell therapy was very much a natural progression in what I was already doing in orthopedics. In many respects, both functional medicine and integrated medicine are stepping stones from more conventional methods of treatment — that is, treatment that emphasizes medications and surgery. I initially learned about stem cell therapy at a medical conference. I was astounded at what I was seeing and how people were being helped. From there, I made it my mission to learn about the field. It’s a field that is definitely expanding. That’s what is truly astonishing about stem cell technology. Researchers around the globe are hard at work unlocking the secrets of stem cells and learning how to apply them to different forms of treatment. And not only that, we’re also gaining incredible new insight into how we can put our own cells to work using our own adipose tissue.

For me, I’m thrilled to be in a position to educate others about the benefits of stem cell therapy. Through education, people can become advocates for themselves when they visit their doctors. And this is all too critical, especially with the emphasis on prescription medication and surgery. Many doctors don’t even bring up regenerative medicine as a treatment option. The more people know about regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy, the more it enters into the conversation at large. People need to know the option is out there so they can make more informed decisions about their health, wellness, and life in general. We all have the right to feel better, in whatever form that may take.

~ Joe Radich

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