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The innovation behind modern dentures has delivered countless benefits to people who want to regain a quality of life they didn’t think possible. Proper fitting dentures enable clients who have suffered tooth loss as the result of illness or age-related causes, to eat properly, speak clearly and maintain a healthy appearance. The downside: neglecting the care of dentures can lead to serious issues. More than just uncomfortable or embarrassing, ill- fitting dentures present a myriad of problems that can be detrimental. Although they are invaluable for those who want to regain oral health, dentures must be a consistently good fit and cared for very carefully. Ill-fitting dentures are a common problem that is often overlooked, resulting in a number of negative effects that can threaten your overall health. Unhealthy Diet When dentures are loose or painful, some foods necessary for a healthy diet such as raw fruits and vegetables can become difficult to eat, limiting the ability to obtain and maintain a balanced diet. The result: clients avoiding these foods and, as a result, eating less healthy options. As we all know, the absence of a healthy diet is the root cause of several other issues that are far more serious. Oral Cancer We know that poor oral hygiene can be one of the causing factors of oral cancer. However, studies have suggested that the long-term irritation of the mouth’s lining caused by ill- fitting dentures may also pose a risk factor for oral cancer. Also, poorly fitting dentures trap alcohol and tobacco particles, agents that have been proven to cause oral cancer. Denture wearers must follow through with regular check-ups to ensure a good fit and remove their dentures for a thorough daily cleaning. Jawbone Atrophy Jawbone atrophy is the partial or complete deterioration of bone matter. When jawbone atrophy occurs, the jawbone begins to shrink below the surface due to a lack of stimulation by a tooth root. In addition to increased difficulty in speaking or chewing, jawbone atrophy can also affect the structure of facial features. When these issues are ignored and that dental problems are allowed toworsen, clients face the possibility of far worst health complications. Bacterial infections can occur in areas where tissue has been irritated or damaged by improperly fitting or cleaned dentures. Additionally, when dentures are perpetually loose, the tendency to overuse denture cream to compensate leads to an overexposure of zinc which can be harmful to the body. The best scenario is ensuring consistent care and regular professional check-ups so that dentures are properly fitted. Consulting with a specialist in oral functionality will ensure that any issues are addressed immediately, so that clients can begin to heal and regain optimal oral health. The ugly truth: the harmful health issues that can arise from ill-fitting dentures

Works crews in the City of Clarence- Rockland took advantage of a break in the January weather to get some snow removal work done on some of the residential and business sector streets around town. —photo Gregg Chamberlain La police recherche un suspect La Police provinciale de l’Ontario de- mande l’aide du public pour identifier un homme soupçonné d’avoir com- mis un vol à l’étalage au Walmart de Rockland. La police a des images en circuit fermé (CCTV), du système de surveillance in- terne du commerce, des acheteurs dans lemagasin le soir du 2 janvier, aumoment où l’incident a été rapporté par la direc- tion du magasin. Le suspect dans l’affaire est un homme de race blanche, mi-trentaine, portant la moustache et la barbe. Au moment du méfait, il portait une paire de lunettes et aussi une paire de boucles d’oreilles rondes noires. Il portait également une casquette de baseball noire et blanche à carreaux, un manteau bleu et gris à carreaux et un jean bleu. Toute personne ayant des renseigne- ments sur l’identité du suspect peut appe- ler la Police provinciale de l’Ontario, sans frais, au 1-888-310-1122 ou la ligne de renseignements confidentiels CrimeS- toppers au 1-800-222-8477.

Fraser Institute report card dismissed


A conservative think tank’s latest summary of the performance of elementary schools in Ontario received a failing grade from one school district. The Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) dismissed the results of the B.C.- based Fraser Institute’s annual Report Card on Ontario’s Elementary Schools for 2016. The UCDSB stated it will continue to rely on the provincial education ministry’s own assessments of student and school performance as a guide for any curriculum changes. “The Upper Canada District School Board remains open to any data or study that pro- vides information leading to improvements in our schools,” stated Stephen Sliwa, UCDSB education director, in a press release. “The most valuable information that supports student learning is derived from the regu- lar and ongoing assessments conducted by teachers and principals, as well as that furnished directly by the (provincial) EQAO and other district-wide assessments.” Sliwa dismissed the Fraser Institute’s an- nual report card as lacking enough detailed information to provide a proper assessment for parents of students and others. “There is no evidence to show that ranking schools improves student learning,” stated Sliwa, “nor does it offer a precise under- standing of exactly where improvement ef-

Any process that ranks schools presents an unrealistic impression of student achievement, says Stephen Sliwa. — supplied photo fects should be directed.” Sliwa stated that achievement measured on a student-by-student basis is more use- ful to both individual students and district schools. He also noted also that the Fraser Institute report does not consider other fac- tors outside of test scores like extra-curric- ular activities which may benefit students. “Any process that ranks schools, such as the Fraser Institute’s report, projects an un- realistic impression about student achieve- ment and the needs of schools,” stated Sliwa, “and certainly falls short of acknowledging gains in student learning that result from the intentional efforts of our schools and district.”

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