It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 24 Section Four: Engaged Approach, Implementation, and Knowledge Translation In this next section, I discuss the engaged approach, implementation, and knowledge translation of this ELP. Details of each topic are presented in this section. Methods The methodology chosen for this ELP was an engaged action-oriented inquiry, and I used two research methods to gather information. One method was a survey and the other was a focus group. The information gathered through both data collection methods was used to support the design of an arts-based product that would inform the vision of a Surrey YISH. Survey . I chose a survey method, as this approach provided quantitative data to support the study (Fowler, 2009). This method contributed to the triangulation of the research by supporting other methods to verify findings. The survey tool that I used for my ELP was SurveyMonkey (, for it allowed respondents to remain anonymous while providing the opportunity to share their thoughts freely. SurveyMonkey is a global online survey platform, offered in various languages, where information is hosted in Canada. The survey was distributed to 50 community members on November 12 to individuals identified as adults 19 and over who have a strong interest in supporting Surrey youth. Each was sent an email invitation to participate in the research (Appendix A). A focus group invitation card was sent at the same time (Appendix B) as well as a research information letter (Appendix C). By clicking on the link in the invitation card, participants could access the online survey preamble (Appendix D) and the survey (Appendix E). The survey was closed on December 15, 2019. Thirty participants responded to the survey, resulting in a 60% response rate. The inquiry team reviewed and analyzed the anonymous data collected from SurveyMonkey. Prior to participating in the research, each team member signed a Letter of

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