It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 25 Agreement (see Appendix F). The team organized the information into themes and patterns. I tested my survey on 16 youth service practitioners, which included young people who had care experience, to assist in mitigating any issues of potential harm. This process proved helpful, for a number of amendments brought to my attention strengthened my survey and resulted in a more user-friendly tool. Focus group . A focus group was my second method to gather information. I chose a focus group, as it is a method that brings a group of individual to engage in candid discussion on a topic of interest (Liamputtong, 2011). This method encouraged research participants to work collaboratively to provide an additional layer of data, which was used for triangulation and to increase the validity of the project. The inquiry team identified key individuals in their networks who had a good understanding of youth service needs in Surrey. Invitation letters were distributed to individuals 19 years and older (Appendix G), who had the capacity to sign a consent form (Appendix H). Potential group participants were informed that their goal was to generate data to establish recommendations to support a design product that would illustrate a YISH model product that would be used to support a Foundry application for Surrey. The invitation letter briefly provided an overview of the ELP, shared why they were identified to support this research, and explained that participation in the research was on a volunteer basis. The letter welcomed participants to complete the online survey if they chose. Potential group participants were informed that they had the opportunity to opt out of the group at any time. Letters included that information collected in relation to informing the design of a YISH would be recorded on paper. The letter also informed participants that their contribution in the research project was valued, appreciated, and may contribute to advocating for a change in the service delivery for Surrey youth.

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