It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 31 you and care about you” and that there is a “vibe of welcoming” and “non-judgmental” tone, with a sense of “radical acceptance” and that service providers would be “accommodating” to the needs of those who require support. Research participants expressed that it was important a YISH would be open to all cultures, religion, and backgrounds and “invites inclusion” for youth, young adults, and their families. Participants shared that a YISH that integrates family into the care plan was very important and that it should be “a place to nurture the whole of the family” (FG). Participants reported that it would be paramount that a YISH exercises the utmost respect to parents “no matter what they did or did not do” and no matter if their child was “in care [of the government] or not” (FG). Participants further added that young people who enter a YISH may not use a traditional definition of family (i.e., biological parents) and that family may include foster parents, grandparents, a youth worker, and or a close friend. Therefore, research participants explained that it is important that service providers acknowledge young people’s identified family network “however family is defined” (FG). Participants expressed that a Surrey YISH should “hold kindness” for everyone who walks through the doors “right down to the DNA” (FG). Likewise, participants shared that a Surrey YISH should be a safe place where all people who come through the doors can feel safe and that “no harm” is incurred by anyone. Participants further explained that “no harm” means that “conflict is managed” skillfully by all who use the space, such as staff and service consumers (FG). Participants shared that the environment should take on characteristics that have an “appeal” that exudes a home-like “vibe,” where young people can enjoy “home-cooked” meals (FG). A place that exercises “balance” so both younger and older youth feel comfortable (FG). Participants stressed that this place should welcome all young people and “not just street- entrenched young people” (FG). It is a place that can be responsive to situations that require a

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