It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 38 that supports connections where “activities and gatherings” are encouraged. Participants expressed that basic needs should include services such as “housing, food, laundry, showers, culturally safe spaces, and various life skills” and that the preferred site would be on a “farm” that encourages the connection to land (FG). Participants shared that the delivery of life skills development should be delivered with “learning opportunities . . . on site” (FG). On the topic of supporting physical needs, research participants expressed that supporting young people with “housing,” “food,” and other basic needs such as having a “place to do laundry” or having a hot “shower” to support good hygiene was essential (FG). Having “safe stable housing” was identified by research participants as a key foundation to encouraging ultimate health (FG). They further described housing that welcomed “animals” was important (FG). A research participant stated, “Our animals can be that relationship that has sustained us in the most troubled times” (FG). Study participants also shared that having an environment that encourages “connections” is important, but discussions went further to describe that connection means “community connection” that had a “family feel” somewhat like a “collective culture” atmosphere (FG). Research participants expressed that food was essential to supporting a connected “family feel” culture and that having “home-cooked food was important” for it “creates a sense of family” (FG). Participants identified that having parents connected to a YISH would support family-like environment. They reported that having parent in residents would support a nurturing environment. In addition, research findings identified that having the support of grandparents to support a YISH would bring another level of nurturing supporters to enhance a Surrey YISH. Research participants expressed that a “grandparent in resident” would be an innovative way of bridging a more experienced older generation to the emerging youth generation (FG). Participants felt that having

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