It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 39 older seasoned individuals who may have time to dedicate to supporting a YISH could also support a nurturing “family feel” environment (FG). Participants shared that having a centre that supports young people and their families’ mental health was vital. Participant shared that the combination of “connection” and having a youth-centred service plan was important (FG). Furthermore, having a site that encouraged mental health support through counselling in the form of clinical, non-clinical, or peer support; supporting young people with “mindfulness” techniques; participating in “physical activities” such as “throwing a football around” with a “caring” individual; or “connecting to the land” such as “farming” and “gardening” were identified as key activities to increase mental well-being (FG). Participants shared the importance of incorporating “spiritual support” in the YISH to support good health (FG). They identified that incorporating a space where youth and young people can practice their cultural or religious practices was key. They further expressed that having an Indigenous Elder connected to a YISH was principal to meeting the needs of the community’s Indigenous youth and non-Indigenous youth (FG). Also, research participants expressed that having someone connected to the site who could share cultural “education around ceremonies” would be helpful (FG). In addition, participants shared that they would encourage having a quiet space, such as a Zen or prayer room, in a Surrey YISH to support young people in their spiritual and mental health wellness (FG). Incorporating “physical, tangible life skills” development, such as cooking, budgeting, securing and sustaining safe housing, and other life survival needs, were expressed as strong components that should be offered at a Surrey YISH (FG). Furthermore, participants expressed that supporting youth with hands-on experience where young people could learn skills “on site” would be a practical approach to strengthening life skills (FG). Some examples provided by

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