It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 40 participants included having a “cooking program” on site, such as a “cooking show,” where young people could learn how to prep food, budget groceries (i.e., “understand how to access discounted food . . . services”), and make healthy cost-efficient meals was shared as an innovative way to support learning (FG). Another example that the group provided was having a “food and clothing store,” where young people could work to practice skills development and create opportunities for sustainable resources (FG). Finding 6: A site that includes outside programming space . Focus group participants shared that having connection to the land was important to a Surrey YISH. There was a re- occurring theme, with participants articulating and expressing, through art, the importance of having a site that incorporated sustainable gardening, access to farm animals, encouraging recreational outdoor activities, and gathering in a communal space outside (FG). They shared that having outside spaces that support the connection to the land can “create a circle of sustainability to build internal worth” (FG). Likewise, they shared that having access to a “farm” can support young people to learn how to “garden and . . . see the fruits of their labor . . . at harvest” time. Having a farm also could host “therapeutic” animals that may also encourage increased mental health. During the focus group session, four diagrams were developed that illustrated a model of a Surrey YISH (see Appendix J). All four models incorporated outside space, three of the models included a garden area, and two out of the four drawings included a barn. Other outside spaces illustrated were a communal fire/smoke pit, picnic area, hot tub, basketball court, and a sports field area. Conclusions Through a literature review, the data gathering and analysis and synthesizing the findings with the assistance of my inquiry team, led me to acknowledgement of four conclusions.

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