It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 41 1. There is a need for a radical overhaul to the youth service delivery in Surrey, BC. 2. There is a need to support youth to access health services when they need it. 3. Inclusion of outdoor space is integral when planning spaces for Surrey youth. 4. People with lived experience have evidence-based knowledge that can inform the redesign of youth services for Surrey. Conclusion 1: There is a need for a radical overhaul to the youth service delivery in Surrey, BC . Research has revealed an alarming realization that we are experiencing a youth mental health crisis in BC; 70% of youth who are deemed in need of accessing mental health supports are not receiving the care that is required (Ziemann, 2019). Evidence has also demonstrated that Surrey has the highest population of youth in its city, which equates to Surrey having many unsupported youths who are in need of improved health care (Statistics Canada, 2017). All findings in this project alluded to a need to redesign youth services in Surrey. These alarming stats and report findings support a need for a drastic response to seeking effective measures to supporting Surrey’s youth population. Information provided in Finding 1 supported that youth services delivery should be comprised of welcoming spaces and inclusive for all youth and their families. Findings 5 emphasized the importance of exercising a holistic response to supporting youth that addresses mental, physical, and spiritual health needs. Implementing a holistic approach encourages the focusing on a person’s strength and building resiliency amongst youth and their families (Clark, 2001). As demonstrated in Finding 1, services should be available for both younger and older youth. Literature supported that it is important to support youth as they enter significant

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