It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 43 people to access early intervention supports so they are not waiting until their health requires crisis intervention. Literature has demonstrated that first contact to accessing mental health support for young people ages 10–19 is the hospital (Nguyen et al., 2019). Literature supported a need to have a space that is barrier free; young people being able to access supports when they need it is a more effective and efficient approach (Canadian Institute for Health Information, 2015). The necessity for youth to access services that are available when needed was clarified in Finding 3, and services staffed by experienced and highly skilled staff so youth receive effective and caring support when needed were encouraged in Finding 4. One suggestion recommended by research participants that supports both Findings 3 and 4 is to have elders or “grandparents in residents” (FG) as part of the delivery of a Surrey YISH. This concept was supported by the positive results of two studies that examined intergenerational programs that matched trained and experienced retired youth service providers and at-risk youth (Freedman & Jaffe, 1993; VanderVen, 2004). This recommendation for a grandparent in residence demonstrates a cost- effective way to reduce waitlists by using caring, skilled seniors who may have extra time to spend with young people when they walk through the door of a YISH. Supported in Finding 3 was the concept of having several sites available in Surrey where youth can access services in their various communities, and this finding was also reiterated by Surrey school-age youth (City of Surrey, in press). Guildford was identified as a preferred site for a Surrey YISH. As determined through the data provided in Findings 3 and the literature, Guildford seems to be the most accessible area due to its versatile transit system and that the area is known for its need of services for youth (p. 6). Conclusion 3: Inclusion of outdoor space is integral when planning spaces for Surrey youth . Having connection to the land was an important finding for this study and was a

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