It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 44 reoccurring theme of survey respondents and focus group participants. Participants in this study suggested that including an outdoor space in a Surrey youth site design sets Surrey’s ideal model apart from other youth-integrated service delivery models as illustrated in Finding 6. The literature review on YISH did not reveal a connection to outdoor space in other YISH community models. Research participants in this study and also a report by school-aged Surrey youth (City of Surrey, in press) expressed that the desire to have outdoor spaces that supported young people to engage in social gathers, sport events, gardening, housing farm animals, or participating in cultural practices would create positive therapeutic results. Land connection can positively provide physical and mental health benefits (Metzgar, 2012). Furthermore, it can support youth interpersonal development (Eigenschenk et al., 2019). Due to the fact that this theme was not modeled in other BC YISH designs and based on my literature review, this finding is unique as an important component to the design for a Surrey YISH. Conclusion 4: People with lived experience have evidence-based knowledge that can inform the redesign of youth services for Surrey . Having individuals who have experiential knowledge in informing the design of youth services is integral (Chovil, 2009). Research findings were informed by experts with lived experience of having either government care experience and or experiences engaging in youth services in Surrey, which was outlined in my methodology section. As a result, focus group participants experienced deep discussions that formulated intentional design for a Surrey YISH, which were illustrated in all research findings. Findings presented innovative recommendations to inform a unique YISH model for Surrey, such as the recommendation to include outdoor spaces and incorporate a component called “grandparent in resident” (FG) in the service delivery. Individuals with lived experiences provide invaluable expertise that can contribute to the development of youth services (Blanchet-Cohen et al., 2011).

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