It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery



Section Six: Next Steps: Recommendations and Implications The recommendations based on the literature review, findings, and conclusions of this project are presented in this section. Implications of actioning the recommendations are also presented. Recommendations Working with my project partner, we have formulated four recommendations that can inform the design of a Surrey YISH. These recommendations are for OCS to: 1. Advocate for implementing quite spaces in the design of a Surrey YISH to support mental and spiritual well-being. 2. Continue supporting the SWRYISC and other steering tables that promotes collaboration amongst service providers by encouraging the establishment of memorandums of understandings that eradicates agency competition. 3. Inform community partners of the SWRYISC on the concept of a grandparent-in- resident program as an effective and efficient attribute to supporting youth. 4. Share with the SWRYISC the benefits of incorporating outdoor programs in the delivery of services. Recommendation 1: OCS to advocate for implementing quiet spaces in the design of a Surrey YISH to support mental and spiritual well-being . This recommendation was grounded in research data and the literature that supported this study. One conclusion presented in this research was the need for a drastic change to Surrey’s youth services delivery. Including a holistic environment in the redesign for youth services that includes a tranquil space for young people to strengthen their spiritual and mental health was a desire expressed by research participants in Finding 5. Studies conducted in the UK and in the United States supported this conclusion, where

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