It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery



Appendix C: Research Information Letter

It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services in Surrey, BC My name is Heather Lynch O’Connor, and this research project is part of the requirement for a master’s in leadership at Royal Roads University. My credentials with Royal Roads University can be established by contacting Dr. Catherine Etmanski, Director, School of Leadership Studies: [email address] or [phone #]. The purpose of my research project is to engage with Surrey youth allies for the purpose of creating recommendations to support the vision of establishing an integrated youth services hub for Surrey youth and young adults. The purpose of project participants is to generate data to inform the vision of a SYISH. The information gathered will support recommendations for a SYISH, which will assist the research lead and the project partner on creating 3-dimensional arts-based product that will illustrate a design for a youth integrated services hub. The project will be exploring what the current conditions are for youth accessing services, what are some recommendations, and how might youth support this vision. I will be working in partnership with Options Community Services Society (OCS), who will also be sponsoring the project. The research will consist of two research methods, an online survey and a focus group. Survey participants, that have a keen interest in improving the experience of youth accessing services will be invited to anonymously share their thoughts and ideas on how young people currently access services such as addictions, mental health, primary care, life skills, and other services. The survey will take approximately three minutes to complete. Below are the survey questions that participants will be invited to complete online. 1. Are you 19 years or older? 2. Do you identify as Indigenous? 3. Have you experienced government care? 4. In the past 6 months, which of the following services have you engaged with assisted others to access support? 5. Please rate your experiences for youth accessing [the following] services? 6. If you were given $20 Million to build a Surrey youth integrated services hub what might it include?

7. Where in Surrey might this Surrey youth integrated services hub be located? 8. How might young people be involved in supporting a Surrey youth integrated services hub?

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