It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 63 There will be a call prior to the end of the survey inviting survey participants to support a focus group. If interested they are given a contact of a a member of the inquiry team for more details. Focus group participants will build upon the recommendations established from survey results and further generate data to generate recommendations that will illustrate a SYISH model design for Surrey, BC. Focus group participants will be instructed to answer the question, “If you had 20 million dollars to build a youth integrated services hub, what might that look like?”. The information provided during the focus group session will be helpful in supporting a systems- change that will improve the experiences for Surrey youth. This project will conclude by January 20, 2020 and all confidential documents will be destroyed no later than 30 days after the project end date. There will be anticipated benefits for this research project yet there may be some potential risk. One benefit for participants in this research is that that they will contribute their knowledge to informing the vision on delivering services differently for youth in Surrey. The potential benefits for my project partner, OCS, is that the agency will be recognized in the community for furthering and contributing to Surrey specific research and social systems change. Also, the agency will model to other community partners on how to effectively practice shared leadership, through collaborating with other professional partners. Upon the completion of my research, I will be near the end of my MAL journey and thereafter graduate with my master’s degree, with a deeper appreciation of systems change leadership. There may be potential risks for this research project. One risk is due to the use of a group based method, I am not able to ensure that issues such as confidentiality will be upheld, but I will explain issues such as confidentiality in the invitation letter to all participants and also at various times with focus group participants and with the inquiry team. Another risk is that shared information may trigger focus group participants or members of on the inquiry team. As a way to mitigate this issue will include a ‘check-in’ and check-out’ component to assess group members. Also, project members will be informed in writing and verbally of resources that will be available to them if required. As I analyze the potential benefits and risk, it is in my opinion that the benefits outweigh the risks for participants. All participants in this study will be informed of the potential risks and benefits. Participants will be expected to provide informed consent if they choose to engage in this study. An integral component of this research project is the inquiry team. The role of this volunteer team is to assist me in moving the project forward to the completion phase. Some of the responsibilities of this team may include one or more of the following: providing advice on the relevance and wording of questions and letters of invitation, recruiting research participants, supporting the logistics of the data-gathering methods, including observing, assisting, or facilitating a focus group, taking notes, transcribing, analyzing data (including the associated knowledge product), assisting the project researcher and project partner in establishing recommendations, and presenting research findings to interested groups. This team may be privy to confidential data so all team members will be informed and will sign off that they have a clear understanding on practices such as confidentiality, consent, storing of information, and other ethical issues that will prevent harm on all project participants.

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