It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery



I will work to protect your privacy throughout this study. My safeguards for maintaining confidentiality of raw data will be clearly explained to project participants who participate in the online survey, focus groups, and on the inquiry team in writing via the invitation letter. Project participants will also be reminded of issues regarding confidentiality and how it will be practiced through verbal communication at the initial point of project involvement and throughout the project at various touch points. The intention for having a mixed method for data collection is for the purpose of maintaining anonymity. Any personal identifiable information, (i.e., geographical location, age, care status, personal statements., etc) will be captured by Survey Monkey a survey platform that stores information in Canada. There will not be any personal demographic information that will be collected in the focus groups. All information I collect will be maintained in confidence with all research documents being stored in a locked filing cabinet in my work office. Electronic data (such as survey responses) will be stored on a password protected computer on my personal computer. Information will be recorded in hand-written format, and where appropriate, summarized in anonymous format in the body of the final report. At no time will any specific comments be attributed to any individual unless specific agreement has been obtained beforehand. All documentation will be kept strictly confidential. Maintaining the security and safety of my research will be safeguarded by storing any recordings of participants in a double locked facility in the OCS’ Youth Services Managers office. Information will be stored in a locked cabinet and in a locked room that will only be accessed by myself, the Lead Researcher, until the date that information is scheduled to be destroyed, which is within 30 days after the project end date of January 20 th, 2020. All project participants engaged in this project will receive a package that will include research expectations that will explain respecting the confidentiality of research participants (i.e., no sharing of names or identifiable comments outside the focus group) and other issues in relations to mitigating harm. In addition to submitting my final report to Royal Roads University in partial fulfillment for a master’s in leadership degree. I will also be sharing my research findings with the Surrey White Rock Youth Integrated Services Team’s (SWRYIST) at one of their team meetings. This team is actively in pursuit of lobbying for a systems change in delivering services to youth and young adults in Surrey. SWRYIST is currently planning for the Province of BC’s Foundry call for proposals which came out on October 23, 2019. Foundry is the Province’s chosen model for youth service delivery, which is a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to addiction, mental health, primary health, and life skills services for youth. Surrey is in dire need for a collaborative approach as a way to improve the services for youth and young people. I am currently on the proposal writing team; therefore, I will ensure that the findings of this project is reflected in the SWRYIST Foundry proposal. Also, a copy of the project findings will be available on my agency’s website as a way to distribute the final report. Research participants who choose to withdraw from the study will be able to do so freely at any time throughout the study. Identifiable information shared by the research participant will be removed upon request until the information is deemed irretrievable. If participants are seeking

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