It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery



Appendix D: Survey Preamble It Matter’s to Me: Informing Youth Services

My name is Heather Lynch O’Connor, and you are invited to participate in my research project, It Matter’s to Me: Informing Youth Services in Surrey, BC. I am interested in hearing from allies for youth and young adults, that are over the age of 19, on ideas for establishing a youth integrated services hub in Surrey. A youth integrated services hub is a ‘one-stop-shop’ place where young people, between the ages of 12 - 24, can go to access multiple types of services in one place, such as mental health, addictions, primary care, sexual health, life skills, and other supports. I am a master’s student in the School of Leadership at Royal Roads University and the purpose of my research is to engage with youth allies and hearing their thoughts on how to improve the experiences for youth and young adults when accessing services in Surrey. This project is sponsored by Options Community Services Society (OCS). You may verify the authenticity of this project by contacting Susan Thackeray at [email address] or at [phone #]. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts by participating in a survey that is expected to take 3 minutes to complete. The questions will refer to you sharing your thoughts on the current conditions for young people accessing services and your recommendations for improving their experiences. In addition to submitting my final report to Royal Roads University in partial fulfillment for a master’s degree engaged leadership project, I will also be sharing my research findings with the Surrey/White Rock Youth Integrated Services Table (SWRYIST). This project will support SWRYIST in their quest to establish a youth integrated services hub for Surrey. The research results will be published in public outlets, that will be published in RRU’s Digital Archive, Pro-Quest and Library and Archives Canada. The results might also be disseminated at public and academic conferences and presentations. There may be foreseeable risks and potential benefits that may arise from participating in this project. One foreseeable risk is that research participants may be triggered as they engage in the process of this survey. If this should happen, and you would like support, please access the free Crisis Line that OCS operates which is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. The potential benefits that may arise from participating in the survey is that your feedback may contribute to a significant shift in how young people accesses services and support. The survey is an online platform and results will be summarized, in anonymous format, in the final report. Your comments will remain anonymous. All data will be stored in Canada and documentation will be kept strictly confidential. Data will be stored in a double locked facility until the information is scheduled to be destroyed, which is within 30 days after the submission of the final project to Royal Roads University. Furthermore, I do not foresee any issues of conflict of interests in my project.

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