It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery



Appendix H: Informed Consent Form It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery By signing this form, you agree that you are over the age of 19 (and have the capacity to sign on your own behalf) and have read the information letter for this study. Your signature states that you are giving your voluntary and informed consent to participate, in this project and the data you contribute used in the final report and any other knowledge outputs (articles, conference presentations, newsletters, etc.). I consent to quotations and excerpts expressed by me through the interview be included in this study, provided that my identity is not disclosed; I consent to the material I have contributed to and generated such as notes through my participation in the Engaged Leadership Project may be used in this study; and I commit to respecting the confidential nature of the Engaged Leadership Project by not sharing identifying information about the other participants

Name of Research Participant: (Please Print): _______________________________________

Signed: _____________________________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________

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