It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery



Appendix I: Focus Group Guide

Purpose of the Focus Group The purpose of the focus group is to generate data to inform the vision of a SYISH. The information gathered will support recommendations for a SYISH, which will assist the research lead and the project partner on creating 3-dimensional arts-based product that will illustrate a design for a youth integrated services hub. Participants of the focus group • The focus group will have between 4 to 7 participants • Individuals will be 19 years or older • Individuals must have the capacity to sign a consent form. • Participants will have a strong knowledge of youth service needs in Surrey. ‘Knowledge’ is defined as, currently working in the youth service sector, has had government care experience or has accessed government mental health services, or has had experience supporting youth initiatives. Step-by-step process of focus group • The group facilitator will spend the first 10 minutes welcoming guest and explaining the purpose for the evening. Next, the facilitator will acknowledge the Indigenous lands that the group will be working on. Participants will be informed that bus tickets will be available at the end of the session if required. • Group participants will be encouraged to help themselves to a meal that will be provided. Participants will have approximately 20 minutes to enjoy their dinner and socialize. • After dinner, the group facilitator will spend 10-minutes providing an overview of session expectations and answering any questions that participants may have. Included in the session overview will be the reiteration of consent, participation expectation, opting-out, confidentiality, and the storage of personal information (this information would have been provided in the initial invitation letter). • Next, the facilitator will engage the group in an in an appreciative interview where participants will pair-up and have 5 minutes to introduce themselves and take turns answering the following questions. 1. Please describe your most memorable successful experience you had in working on behalf of youth in your community. 2. What are two core values that are important to you in how you work with youth and others? • The partner, who is listening, will take notes on paper that will be provided. After 5 minutes the partners will exchange roles to allow the other partner to share. After both have

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