It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 76 completed their 5 minutes of sharing, all participants will join the larger group and each participant will have 30 seconds to introduce their partner’s and share their responses to the questions. Personal stories and experiences will not be collected, with the exception of documenting the core values that were expressed amongst group participants. • After the appreciative inquiry exercise, the facilitator will support the group in creating group guidelines to encourage a safe and respectful environment (Topics such as ‘how decisions will be made’ will be included in the discussion). • The facilitator will inform the group that the goal of the session is to collectively answer the question “If you were provided Twenty-million dollars to develop an integrated services youth hub for Surrey, what might that look like”. This question will be explored by applying survey feedback and exploring the following 7 sub-questions: 1. What might be the benefits of having a Youth Integrated Services Hub (YISH) in Surrey? 2. Please suggest a preferred location(s) for a Surrey YISH (you are welcome to incorporate feedback from the online survey, but your answer does not necessarily have to be the same). 3. Please list all the services that might be integrated in a Surrey YISH. 4. How might service providers, that are not located in the hub, be connected to the Surrey YISH? 5. Describe a current building or site that models your idea of a Surrey YISH. 6. How might service providers share information within the SYISH, keeping in mind issues such as confidentiality and consent? 7. How might the establishment of a Surrey YISH be unique to other hubs in BC? • The session will last no more than 2.5 hours and the facilitator will plan breaks throughout the session. All information will be captured on flip charts and provided paper which will be recorded by a volunteer within the group. • To conclude the session, members will be given the opportunity to use one word to describe their current feelings regarding their involvement in the process. Participants will be offered the opportunity to ask questions regarding the group process or information on the research at this time. • The session will end with a catered lunch were all are welcomed and encouraged to partake.

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