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Into the night sky


Once amonth, about a dozen peoplemeet up at the Champlain Library to discuss the stars and somuchmore. “It’s a good place for like-minded people to get together and talk about things that they are interested in,” said Richard Alexandrowich, president of Vankleek Hill Astronomy Club. Alexandrowich’s interest in astronomy began when he was a child. He joined the Montreal chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in the 1990’s, and joined a few other star gazing clubs. When he moved to Alexandria in 1999 he founded the Glengarry Stargazer’s Astronomy Club. The Glengarry Club met at member’s homes and sometimes went on for many hours. The club moved to the Champlain Library in May 2015 where it is today. Members meet for about an hour or two on the last Tuesday of each month. When weather permits, they step outside and gaze at the stars through telescopes. “We talk

Members of the Vankleek Hill Astronomy Club, Sharon Simpson, Richard Alexandrowich, Denny Bachner, Catherine Hedrich, Adrien St. Louis, Linda Bennett, Gary Susick, and Daniel Pusick, meet once a month to discuss the stars, science, astronomy and sometimes gastronomy. –Diane Hunter

about current events and what is up in the sky. It changes fromday to day, week toweek, month tomonth. We talk about what’s above the horizon,” explained Alexandrowich. “As terrestrial animals we are used to looking

Kids’ reading club at the Hawkesbury Library Kids’ Reading Club at the Hawkesbury Public Library for children ages 4 to 12 who like sto- ries, e-resources and crafts! The club will take place on Friday, January 15, at 6:30 p.m. with the theme for LOL Literature & fun! Registra- tion is necessary due to limited space. More information can be found by calling 613-632- 0106, extension 2264. ahead at the horizon. We are here to talk about what is above it.” The group also talks about many other subjects. “Astronomy is a wide field,” said Alexandrowich. “It also includes chemistry, physics, astrobiology, geology, geography, and planetary sciences,” Alexandrowich said. “Sometimes we go off on a tangent on other topics and then I’ve brought my notes for nothing!” Occasionally the club invites a speaker from other astronomy clubs to talk to the group about the subject of themonth. “Often astronomy turns into gastronomy,” laughed Alexandrowich. “We often go out for a bite to eat after the meeting. It’s the meeting after the meeting.” January’s meeting had the members talking about the alignment of the classic planets this month. “The best time to see them is about 45 minutes before sunrise,” said Gary Susick, one of the regular members. They also discussed a relatively new planet called Planet Nine, which is taking the science world by storm. Planet Nine is a hypothetical planet in the far reaches of our solar system, beyond the Kuiper belt. Scientists announced a calculation-based data of an enormous ninth planet which has amass four times larger than the Earth.This planet is so far away it would take between 10,000 and 20,000 years to orbit the sun. Themain topic for the evening was Orion’s Belt. Catherine Hedrich mentioned how interesting it was that the ancient pyramids were lined up exactly as Orion’s Belt. “Ancient civilizations were so accurate with how they read the stars,” stated Daniel Pusick. “They navigated sometimes thousands of miles by memorizing and reading the stars.” The group was very jovial and had a good report with one another. Amongst the laughter, they discussed some very intriguing topics. The club is always taking new members and is free of charge.

JAMBOREE Souper et soirée Jamboree de L’Amitié (organisateur) (anciennement jamboree de l’Orignal (depuis 2010)) Date : 5 février 2016 Endroit : Salle des Chevaliers de Colomb 2183 au 393, rue William, Hawkesbury Bienvenue à tous les chanteurs et musiciens accompagnés par les MoonLight Dreamers Au menu : Pâté au poulet et pâté au boeuf Souper servi à 18h Cet évènement Jamboree a lieu toutes les 2 semaines avec menu varié

Pour toute information : 613-675-0308 André Yargeau ou Johanne Arseneault sur facebook : Jamboree de L’Amitié

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