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18 NOV

In my later years, I’ve found a new appreciation for old memories. And Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which always leads me to take stock of the many people and blessings I’m grateful for. I find myself looking back with newfound fondness on the Thanksgivings of my youth. The visual that first arises from the old gray matter is a white- knuckled drive through freezing sleet 30 odd years ago. I was in my early 20s, and my family drove from Ohio to Manhattan to spend the holiday there and attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. While that one nerve-wracking drive has seared its way into my memory, the times we made this journey were filled with too many bright points to count. So much so that the individual trips begin to blur together in my mind.

Context has made these bright memories even warmer. Having now spent the last 25 years as an entrepreneur myself, I now understand how much my father was really doing to give his children that experience. This was during a transitional time for my father’s pharmacy, when money was tight and time scarce. And yet, through sheer force of will and generosity, my parents gave my siblings and me a remarkable experience with memories that will last a lifetime. Knowing now the financial and emotional strain these trips must have caused gives me more appreciation for those Thanksgivings of old. These days, Julia and I typically host a traditional Thanksgiving for our parents and any extended family who can join us. They typically end up being 12–15-person affairs, which I think of as small coming from a family that could have 20-plus people at the dinner table. But now that my daughter is getting older, I’m beginning to think I should pay my father’s kindness forward and give her the same great New York experience. The more I write these cover letters, the more I realize that they’re a medium for me to talk to my parents, so I’m just going to come out and say it: Mom and Dad, thank you for everything. You sacrificed so much to give all of your kids an incredible upbringing. Every year, I find new appreciation for the moments, big and small, that you gave us. I’m so incredibly inspired by your example.

I was definitely appreciative of the experience in the moment. Watching the parade up close and being able to soak in all the

sights and sounds was incredible — despite being knee-deep in snow, I was mesmerized. Then the whole family


would migrate over to the iconic Tavern on the Green and its hanging lamps glowing cheerfully against the gray, damp city. We’d have Thanksgiving dinner at that historic restaurant before


heading out to explore

New York.

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