Casselman development must consider caverns

Dernier hommage à Diane Roy

goesthroughasmallravinethendives underground, snaking through the limestone bedrock. Says Casselman Mayor Claude Levac,“Thedocumentproducedisvery interesting. The developers don’t want the cave to be an obstacle.” Although it must remain protected, Levac says there are no plans to turn it into a park. The land is privately owned and the ravine environment is not suitable for public access. Naomi Langlois-Anderson of SNC had known of a “sinking stream” and informed the village of the problems with development in that area. With mapping, it is possible to delineate setbacks where development cannot occur. The site is important ecologically. too. Recently the Art & Science in the WatershedteamofartistAletaKarstad and husband Fred Schueler, a biologist, chose the site as one of their subjects. Langlois-Anderson said ancient oral histories refer to it as the place the eels disappear underground. Bourdeau said locally it is referred to as Trous du Diable.


CASSELMAN | New home development in the area of the Casselman karst must be consistent with protection of the unique area, says Casselman planner Sylvain Bourdeau. Bourdeau says the cavern, which has a tiny entrance near Laurier Street and an outlet near the South Nation River, is already designated as an area of special significance. The Village of Casselman official plan states it is in an area of unstable bedrock. There are concerns with the safety of building too near the extensive underground caverns. The South NationRiver ConservationAuthority, as well as the developer, have each hired independent karst consultants. Marcus Buck has been mapping the caverns, taking profiles every 10 to 15 metres to get an accurate portrayal of what is going on underground. The network of underground caverns is formed by a stream which

photo Candice Vetter

Des centaines depersonnesétaientréunissamedimatin àl'égliseSt-Jacquespour un dernier adieu à Diane Roy. L'ancienne éditrice était décédée quelques jours auparavant d'un cancer à l'âge de 56 ans.

Semaine des coopératives au mois d’octobre pour Russell

coopérativesontégalementétédévoilées :le 21 février pour la coopérative agricole d’Embrun,le24avrilpourlaCaissepopulaire Nouvelle-Horizon, le 28 avril pour la coopérativeHydroEmbrun.

Les conseillers duCanton de Russell ont faitsavoirlorsdelaréuniondelundisoirque lamunicipalité organiserait la semaine des coopérativesdu21au26octobre.Lesdatesdes assemblées générales des différentes


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