NIGA 2018 Annual Report

Impact Overview Dupris Consulting Group, LLC was asked to provide NIGA the primary numbers identifying the economic impacts of Indian Gaming for the year 2017. This is done to show how Indian gaming not only impacts the Indian Reservation economies by providing needed jobs and funding for social programs, but how it impacts other sectors of the national economy such as: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Trade, Service and Government. As stated above, these impacts in 2017, were measured at $59.5 billion in total economic output, and provided 437,290 jobs off the reservation. The total numbers of FTE’s/direct gaming & ancillary jobs have been updated using a combination of Dupris Consulting Group empirical data collection and survey data sets provided by Casino City Press . Indian gaming spending allocations and assumptions have been updated using a blend of Dupris Consulting Group empirical data collection and empirical financial metrics provided by Joseph Eve , in “The Indian Gaming Cost of Doing Business Report,” for 2017.

REVENUES In 2017, the Tribal gaming sector of the economy did $32.5 billion in gambling revenues and $4.8 billion in ancillary revenues for a total of $37.3 billion in total revenues. The National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) reported $31.2 billion in gambling revenues in 2016. This represents a 4.1% increase from the previous year, when compared to what Dupris Consulting Group has estimated for NIGA in 2017 Because Ancillary revenues are not tracked by NIGC, Dupris Consulting Group was not able to calculate a growth percentage to what NIGC would have reported. However, Dupris Consulting Group has estimated that the growth in ancillary revenues from 2016 to 2017 has risen 14.1%. OUTPUT In the current period, Indian Gaming generated significant economic activity which had an overall economic output of $81.6 billion. This represents an economic output of $22.1 billion on the reservation, where all Tribal casinos are located and an economic output of $59.5 billion off the reservation.


Gross Gaming Revenues

$32,489,938,114 $4,812,953,924 $37,302,892,038

Ancillary Revenues (Hotels, Food & Beverage, Entertainment, etc..)

Total Gaming & Ancillary Revenues

Source: Dupris Consulting Group, LLC

IMPACT ANALYSIS This area of the study estimates the total impact of the Indian Gaming Industry as its employees, purchasing activities and Tribal Government transfer payments were spent in the States were their casinos and reservations are based. The economic impact analysis takes the direct inputs (jobs, payroll, revenue, capital expansion) and measures the indirect and

induced impacts that happens in an area that is being proposed for study. Employment Gains In 2017, the total number of jobs created by Indian Gaming was 745,052. When calculating the number of jobs created by economic activity, we generally divide the jobs into three groups: Direct Employment, Indirect Employment, and Induced Employment.


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