NIGA 2018 Annual Report

Federal and State Government Taxes I ndian Gaming also added $3,083,793,490 and $1,647,333,755 to State Treasuries through State Income Taxes directly and indirectly, Indirect Business Taxes, Household Taxes and Corporate Income Taxes, and Revenue Sharing Agreements .

Further review of the amounts generated for the Federal and State Governments, show a total of $16,909,424,812 was generated from Indian Gaming activities in 2017.

2017 Federal & State Revenues Generated By Indian Gaming

$18,000 $16,000 $14,000 $12,000 $10,000 $8,000 $6,000 $4,000 $2,000 $





Total Federal & State Revenue

Federal Treasury Revenue

State Treasury Revenue

State Revenue Sharing

Tax Bases

In Whole $’s

Direct Indian Gaming, Ancillary Wages

$9,077,985,197 $23,328,098,527 $32,406,083,724

Indirect Wages earned by workers performing all activities related to Indian Gaming

Total Direct and Indirect Wages earned by Workers

Additional Tax Revenue by Type

In Whole $’s

Federal Income Federal Income Taxes from Wages

$3,360,358,857 $3,989,218,422 $114,521,294 $256,757,783 $732,179,752 $8,453,036,108 $311,274,920 $632,796,579 $2,033,837,056 $105,884,935 $3,083,793,490 $11,536,829,598 $1,647,333,755 $3,725,261,459 $16,909,424,812

Social Security and Medicare Taxes from Wages

Federal Taxes Proprietor Income

Federal Indirect Business Taxes (Excise & Custom Duty)

Federal Taxes Corporation Income Subtotal Federal Tax Income State income State Income Taxes from Wages

StateTaxes from Household Property, Motor Vehicle, Hunting Fees & Fines State Indirect Business Taxes (sales, property, motor vehicle, severance, excise)

State Taxes Corporation Income Subtotal State Tax Income Total Federal & State Revenue

Total Revenue Sharing Payments to Selected State Governments Total Savings from avoided Unemployment & Other Government Aid

Total Federal and State Tax Revenues Source: Dupris Consulting Group, LLC


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