B-Safe Catalogue

Be Safe.. Think


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Hold the harness by the rear dorsal connection D ring and gently shake the harness to untangle the straps. Ensure the leg straps are free and not buckled up. Ensure that all straps are fully extended.Whilst holding the harness by the dorsal D, carry out a pre-use inspection of the components, webbing, stitching and buckles. Check labelling, identify the withdrawal from service date has not passed.

Hold the harness with the Dorsal D facing away from you, place the shoulder straps of the harness over your hands (as shown) and hold the harness open.

Rotate harness and insert elbow into arm loop and then place arm through the loop, release shoulder strap and place other arm through the other shoulder loop and let harness fall onto the shoulders. Ensure that the harness is fitted correctly without any webbing twists over the shoulders.

Before using the B-Safe harness, users should do a pre-inspection on the harness including webbing, metal fittings connection points, and labels for damage. Refer to instruction booklet and if in any doubt you should contact your supervisor, supplier or B-Safe for advice. The date of entry into service should be recorded in the instruction booklet provided.



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