B-Safe Catalogue



Buckle all straps prior to adjusting the fit. Locate chest strap and pass the smaller buckle plate through the other chest strap buckle. (As shown in the “How to assemble buckles” diagrams). Locate leg straps and ensure that the left leg strap is connected to the left hip buckle and the right leg strap is connected to the right hip buckle. Ensure the straps are not twisted and the loose webbing end is always on the outside, away from the body. Hold buckle and pull webbing to tighten straps to a firm and comfortable fit and slide keepers along the leg strap webbing to hold free webbing.

Adjust shoulder straps first to ensure that the rear dorsal D is located between the shoulder blades in the centre of the back. Then adjust chest and leg straps to a firm fit, and slide webbing keepers along to hold free webbing in place.

1 2 When using the front attachment points, both loops must be connected as per AS/NZS 1891.1:2007. 6 1 2


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