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Our Client Heads to Law School A VOICE FOR JUSTICE

Last year, we had the honor of representing Rena and Ben Piper and helping them bring a daycare to justice after the facility neglected their son. From the case, Rena learned more than the importance of holding daycares accountable — she also found her calling. This winter, Rena was officially accepted into law school. She plans to pursue her law degree and stand up for other families who have been affected by negligent daycares. During mediation for the family’s case, Rena realized that a career in law was her future. She watched as Russell and our team represented her and her family in a caring, compassionate way. “In mediation, I saw how much they cared. Some attorneys are so removed, but they’re not. They’re right there with you. It was a lightbulb moment,” Rena says. “We all go through life trying to find that thing we feel is our calling, our purpose. It was one of those moments where you realize, this is it.” The case helped Rena understand what a big issue daycare negligence is and that she wants to dedicate her career to stopping it. “Seeing how much the system is broken and lacking, and seeing that there’s someone who recognizes it and has a passion for it, I became keenly aware how many parents are in need of the type of support and

direction The Button Law Firm provides,” Rena says. “I aspire to be that kind of attorney.”

Even before starting school, Rena is already using her time to advocate for families and to make sure what happened to her son never happens to another child. She’s the one who inspired us to plan our first seminar for families on daycare lessons learned, which includes her sharing her family’s story. From the start, that’s why Rena and Ben pursued their case: to make sure what happened to their child never happens again. “Russell and the team embraced my passion and gave me a platform to help educate other parents. They feel just as passionate about it,” Rena says. “They’ve been there along the way, and they are truly an inspiration.”

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