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Living with Lyme disease

hard to diagnose, or they can be severe and still hard to diagnose. Pawlus said several of his doctors thought he was just looking for attention and sent him away. They just didn’t know what was wrong with him. Suspecting he had Lyme disease, Pawlus took matters into his own hands and went to New York for testing. “You pay but you get service immediately,” said Pawlus. “They took blood and did tests. They came back positive. I had it.” In 2006, Pawlus began having severe symptoms that he could not explain. Although the disease usually shows up as a bull’s eye rash, if bitten in a discrete area the rashmay never be visible. Some reports state that the disease could be passed on through blood or sexual contact; however, those tests are inconclusive and not all reports are valid. “My personal opinion is that it is a syphilitic malaria,” Pawlus explained. “Once you have it in your body, that’s it. You have it forever.” Pawlus has done years of research into the disease, its effects, and how to combat them. “Now I am in the chronic stage of Lyme disease,” stated Pawlus, who has a number of symptoms due to the disease. “It’s like I have root rot. It’s almost like being a zombie.” Getting help Pawlus said he doesn’t want to see anyone else go through the harrowing experiences he has had with this disease, and the first thing people should do, if they suspect they have been infected, is get informed. Get the facts from a doctor or respected web site such as the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation, and talk to other people who have dealt with the disease. “If you’re not sure, get tested,” exclaimed Pawlus. “Some people think it will go away after awhile, and some symptoms might, but once it’s in your system, it’s always there.” Pawlus owns GAP Appraisers, Liquidators, and Auctioneers that has offices in Ontario and Quebec, and a warehouse in Hawkesbury. He now takes several different types of medications that do little more than mask the symptoms for a short time. “It doesn’t really help anymore,” he said. “I was a super healthy guy, living in Pine Hill, chopping wood, and in great shape. Now I feel like I am 80 years old. I’ll be 62 in November.” Pawlus would like to help those that are suffering from Lyme disease, or trying to get diagnoses. “Now that I know how this thing works, it’s very simple to get tested,” informed Pawlus. “The medical system tests for symptoms not causes. You have to insist on being tested for the disease. I am not professing to be a medical doctor, but I’ve been through it and I can help.” Avoiding getting bit by a tick is one way to combat the disease. The Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) suggests keeping grass cut short, using a tick repellant containing DEET, checking body for ticks after spending time outside, making sure pets wear a tick and flea collar, and checking themoften for ticks. The EOHU also suggests wearing light coloured clothing, long sleeves, and tucking pants into socks during outdoor activities. Detailed information on Lyme disease, including how to properly remove a tick, can be found on the EOHU website at, search Lyme disease, or the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation at

George Pawlus found out the hard way what is involved in contracting Lyme disease and getting the help needed to combat its effects.


Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by the bite of a blacklegged, or deer, tick, which can be found throughout Ontario. Ticks are usually about the size of a sesame seed, and can get to be about the size of a grape when they are full of blood. Symptoms usually begin with a bull’s eye rash, fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, and fatigue.The symptoms can be vague and

For George Pawlus of Calumet, Lyme disease has become all too real with symptoms from severe arthritic pain, to vision and hearing problems and cognitive issues. Now he wants to help others avoid the same fate.

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