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COLORFUL CHARACTERS Diamonds come in every color of the rainbow— so why do most people think of them as being white? Because almost all of them are. Here, a primer on the rare, ravishing, colored stones known as fancy diamonds— and what wearing them can mean. THE VAULT

JONQUIL FLOWER 51 brilliant-cut yellow diamonds have all been sourced from the Zimmi mine in West Africa and are matching in color and cut. Di- amonds from the Zimmi mine have a very deep, warm, lively and vivid yellow (jonquil) color. Zimmi has become synonymous with this color.

At our core, Meridian’s primary objective is to create advanced healthcare settings for specialty and emergency care for our pets. We are incredibly proud to partner with Operation Kindness which has created an exceptional environment to shelter homeless companion animals in need of a loving home.

F ancy diamonds are extremely rare — only one in 10,000 has a noticeable color — and excep- tionally beautiful. Yellow, pink, red, green, blue, brown: There is a diamond to match every preference, mood and meaning. But how do these brilliant beauties happen? Impurities, elements or structural defects in chemical composition — all considered imperfections in other gems — are precisely what make fancy diamonds extraordinary. The rarer and more vivid the color, the higher the diamond’s value will be. Stunning and dramatic, these gems are miracles of nature. Look for a fancy diamond that is richly, evenly colored. Unlike with white diamonds, a great body color is more important than clarity. Fancy diamonds are cut a bit differently, too. The goal is to maximize their unusual color instead of their flashes of light. And, something to consider: Fancy colored diamonds are a phenomenal way to store wealth in a highly por- table form — with the marvelous benefit of making for a stunning piece of jewelry. Explore how each diamond is formed— and all the meanings they possess.

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