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Webasto coolant heaters BlueCool MyTouch Display Therm Pro 90


Order number 5011094 Thermo Pro 90 Kit, 12 V, Diesel, Standard Kit 5011095 Thermo Pro 90 Kit, 24 V, Diesel, Standard Kit 9029949 Thermo Pro 90 12 V, Diesel, Base Heater 9029951 Thermo Pro 90 24 V, Diesel, Base Heater

Scopes of delivery



Water system For the distribution of heat in your boat you may need extra hoses, valves, expansion tank, convectors, air handlers etc. Please compose your water system individually. Fuel supply For the installation of the heater in the engine compartment the fuel supply system has to be fire-resistant according to EN ISO 7840. Please order the adequate components additionally (fuel lines, fuel supply kit, rubber hose, fuel pump protection). Exhaust system Depending on the installation position and length of the exhaust pipe you may need a condensation water drain and an exhaust pipe insulation additionally. Control element Please order an adequate control element. For the Thermo Pro 90 Chiller no control element is needed. The heater is activated via the air-conditioning control. Accessories (optional) For extension of your heater system you find comfort control elements as well as other installation and system components in the accessories section.



Item Description

1 heater

2 metering pump


3 wiring harness power/ switch

4 wiring harness metering pump

5 exhaust hose clamp

6 exhaust tube (5 meters)

7 thru hull


8 fuel line coupler

9 fuel hose (25 ft.copper)

10 intake hose (2 meters)

11 standpipe

12 mounting bracket


13 hose clamp (fuel system)

14 pipe clamp (exhaust)

15 hose clamps (coolant system)

16 fuel pump enclosure box

water trap

on/off switch

pipe clamp (air intake)

hose clamp (air intake)

fuel filter


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