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Hello OBTS Friends-

'Hope you not only survived the Holidays but most of all made the best out of it and enjoyed your time with family and friends.

2019 is right around the corner. My hope and wish for you and your family is that you get a great healthy start to the year. Along those lines, we have 2 big events coming up in January to help you get that great start. Arlan Alburo, PT, DPT, MTC

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We are hosting the FREE Joint Replacement Consult Event from January 14-16 across all our 4 locations.

On Saturday January 19, we will host our 2nd Healthy You Health Fair at Indiana Wesleyan University-Merrillville campus.

Look for info on both events inside this newsletter.

Our goal is to serve you with such a great experience that you:

To your unhindered life in 2019,

1. Thank the person who sent you here AND 2. Refer people that you care about to us

Arlan Alburo

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